Hey people,

I was recently offered the chance to be a mage…that’s not really something you can say no to, is it?

So I’m going to be writing at the excellent Well-Red Mage site, under the guise of The Hopeful Handheld Mage. It’s a great chance for me to play more handheld games, so thanks to Well-Red Mage for offering me the opportunity!

My first piece of Mage duty was getting involved with the 31 Day Elemental Challenge. The goal is to list our favourite games from each genre in July, starting with arcade games!

Some great shouts here – Crazy Taxi is one I’d forgotten about but is a brilliant game!

I’ll be posting each day of the challenge on Retro Redress, however if you want to play along and post your picks, feel free to post your comments on the Well-Red Mage page!