Guilty Party – Retro Redress

Crime – buying one of the most anticipated games of all time on launch day, playing it for a month…then not playing it for three months.

Redress – dedicate a month to completing Breath Of The Wild

So Breath Of The Wild….firstly, I know it’s not a retro game. The reason I’m playing it now is so I can avoid it becoming a Retro Redress i.e. in ten years times, I’m trawling game shops looking for it. It’s like Terminator 2 where John O’Connor has to go back in time to protect his future self by getting the robot that tried to kill him in the first film to protect him….no, wait…my situation is nothing like that.

Ok…then it’s more like Groundhog Day. So many times I’ve bought a classic, an all time great game and simply not got into it or given up on it. Well, I’m breaking the cycle with Breath Of The Wild…I’m going on a quest to explore and complete it.

If this is going to be a quest, then let me explain everything so we’re all clear. If you want to shout the red text at your electronic device of choice like a pantomime audience, I say go for it. WordPress stats reckon it would improve my post by 13% and that’s 11% higher than what the post started on…

How will you complete Breath of The Wild, Retro Redress?

By playing it! I plan to dedicate my gaming time to it. All other redress games are to wait until I finish Breath Of The Wild.

How long will the quest be, Retro Redress?

The quest will run for five weeks, ending when I go on holiday on 5th August. I think setting a target will give me something to aim for, plus I doubt my family will be happy if I lug a Wii U on holiday with me.

Why Retro Redress? Couldn’t you think of a better name?

Well, Retrobution and Retro Revenge were taken, so I think I did ok. Sometimes I pretend it’s French and try and roll the ‘r’s. It’s good fun.

Where did you leave Link? 

Good question.

1 (1)

I decided to fire up the Wii U and see where I last saved the game. 3rd April 2017…Temple of Time. I don’t really remember what had happened when I saved the game. I know I had completed the first four shrines and the Old Man had explained who he was and given me a paraglider…I’d certainly not got much further than that. The Adventure Log tells me that my quest is to go to Kakariko Village to ‘Seek Out Impa’, so that will be the first step on my quest…

As an aside, I grew up as a SEGA kid in the 80’s/90’s and have never played much Zelda. In fact I’ve played the start of Breath Of The Wild and a bit of the original…that’s it. So any advice or tips would be appreciated as I go on my quest.

Anyway, I’d best get some sleep before beginning my quest and looking for Impa….