If you want to catch up, then here is the intro and Part 1 .

Part 1 had ended so well. We had made some progress and had direction….a plan. We were going to get Link’s memories back, the next step on our mission to beat Ganon.


What I didn’t account for was getting lost. Even with a big yellow dot for a marker, I instantly get lost and spend half an hour walking up and down cliff fronts with Fred. Fred for his part, takes it with his usual quiet grace. I, on the other hand, curse at the Wii U and my own inability to find things.

2 -2

Eventually, we come to a sort of village, built on a marsh. I’ve got enemies firing at me from all angles and Fred, bless him, is no help. He seems to use tank controls to move and likes to take his time to stop and change direction. It’s a pain when monsters are throwing rocks at you, though once Fred sorts himself out and we can charge/bash people, it’s fine. The stopping to correct direction is becoming an issue, though in Fred’s defence, he’s probably got permanent leg damage from running up and down mountains. It’s not going to get any better for Fred though…I’ve found a mountain village full of enemies and I’m planning on climbing it…with Fred. The thought of leaving him behind makes me sad, but I’m sure I can get to the top of the settlement with him.


Er no….scratch that.


So I try again…I decide to stay on the ground and look for anything I can find that will help me progress. A lady pops out of the water and seems impressed with Link, asking him to go see the King, I’m too stubborn though – I’ve made my mind up, I want to get Link’s memories back and I’m not being distracted from that.


This means I have to leave Fred behind….don’t worry, I left him by the sea so he can have a drink. Fred seems quite happy to potter around on the beach to be honest, I went back to check on him and he was just mooching around…completely oblivious to my suffering. I’m lost, wet, getting battered by enemies and running out of food. Could I eat Fred?


It’s just getting worse and worse. I’m beyond lost now. I just want to go to the yellow dot…not this pain-in-the-arse water settlement. It reminds me of Waterworld and we all know nothing good came of that. The Postman was a better film too, bit long but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it….you know your gaming blog post is screwed when you are thinking about the mid 90’s films of Kevin Costner….



The complete failure of this stage of the Breath Of The Wild redress left me thinking ‘Should I give up?’ I considered it too….then I realised that this is what I always do. I get stuck, give up and go down to GAME/CEX to trade the game in.

I realise that I need to continue with Breath Of The Wild, in order to break the cycle. If I hadn’t given up on so many games, I wouldn’t be writing this blog. Maybe the blog would be called ‘Retro Success’ and I would be bragging about completing old Sega games.

I gave up though so I got a massive list of games to play through including Breath Of The Wild…so I need to get on with it. I don’t want to be looking around game shops for an old copy of Breath Of The Wild in 2037. So I need to finish it. I’ve realised that I need to help myself out…I’m prone to giving myself deadlines to complete games and either 1) killing myself to complete it (Mafia 3, just before Christmas….far too many late nights) or 2) getting fed up of the game and binning it off (Watchdogs 2….I still think it’s an awful game though)

So I’ve decided that I’m going to extend my Breath Of The Wild redress (does that mean I’ve failed the original redress?) to the end of August. I’m going to play it until my holiday in early August, then come back from holiday and defeat Breath Of The Wild.

Unless I lose the disc…given how I’m going so far, it’s possibly.

Next time…

Will Link get his memories back?

Will Fred start a new life by the beach?

Will Retro Redress ever get to the yellow marker?

Find out in Part 3!!!