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So it’s back to where we left off, at Chapter 4…

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Mike is looking for Jessica, in his vest and a gun, like a frat boy version of Bruce Willis. He’s traversing through the snow looking for Jess…so naturally I make him take the riskiest path I can. What? It’s because I want to save Jess, not because I want Mike to suffer….kinda. The path leads to a mine where we see a bloody wounded Jess plunge down an elevator shaft. Mike Willis tries to climb up the elevator shaft, but is hindered by my awful reflexes on the QTEs and me forgetting how to shoot people when the kidnapper is in sight. Eventually, I get to the top, but the kidnapper is gone, locking the grille behind him. Mike gets out and sees a shadowy figure walking to a previously unseen house…

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Back to Chris, who’s picking himself off the floor after being clobbered by a masked man. After finding Ashley’s purse and her blood on a wall, Chris realises the extent of the trouble Ashley is in and heads out of the house to find her. I like Chris the most so far and I feel invested in his story. I do want him to find Ashley, so I’m all in on this one. A long snowy path takes Chris to an desolate wooden shack, where Ashley has been tied up…along with Josh! I’m confused as to how Josh got there – I left him back at the main house. The kidnapper (helpfully called ‘Psycho’ by the subtitles) decides we’re playing a little game. A little game called ‘ Pick which one of your friends dies.’ There are levers and Chris has to pick who gets killed via saw. I’m given the option of who to kill….I pick Josh. Like I’ve said, I find him a little strange and I want Chris to be with Ashley. I’m waiting for a third option of a heroic rescue, but that never comes. With Josh sawn in half, Chris grabs Ashley and flees…

…straight into DoorMatt and Emily. After the tragic events are explained Emily sensibly decides that everyone should stay together and get help. I did laugh at Emily wondering where Sam is – she’s been in the bath for hours. Ashley and Chris stagger off back to the lodge (apologies, I keep calling it different things) to get Sam while Emily and Matt just stare at each other dumbfounded,..

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Back to Dr Hill. Chapter 4 felt like it was much quicker than the other chapters, but a look at the clock reveals I’ve been playing (and typing) for 45 minutes. I guess it was because most of it was spent doing quick time events with Mike. Dr Hill’s office now resembles a desolate wooden shack…kinda like the ones in the woods. I can see the top of the player’s characters head…the hat makes me think it’s Beth? Wisely, the player starts to ask Dr Hill who he is. Hill responds that he is just trying to help the player with the game and we’re not being very charitable…Dr Hill then asks if I plan to continue, which I answer honestly by selecting the answer ‘You’re freaking me out!’ Holy smokes, there’s a cobra on the desk in a jar!!! Where did that come from??? Dr Hill asks if I think he’s real? I select yes. Hill just laughs at me and tells me I probably can’t tell what is real anymore. He ends the segment there. A segment that scared me more and felt longer than Chapter 4, frankly.

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Chapter 5 is called Dread, which seems appropriate at this point. We’re back with Mike,who is trying to break into the mysterious building on the hill we left him at…which just happens to be a sanitarium. Because, of course there would just be an old sanitarium here, wouldn’t there? My opinion of Mike is softening now, namely because I want to rescue Jessica and mainly because I now realise the real enemy is Dr Hill. Now Josh is dead, I suspect the therapist…who may or may not be real. There is a reason I’m not a detective. Actually there’s two reasons – a lack of intelligence and a lack of fitness. My maths is OK though. Anyway, Mike has gone full commando now, which may come in handy as the kidnapper has got attack dogs. Hang on…is Jess dead? We never answered that. Mike just kinda shrugged his shoulders and escaped the mine….the scoundrel!

Mike’s trip to the sanitarium has become a detective game, aptly enough, He’s finding clues on the mine cover up of 1952, where the owners had locked some traumatized miners away in order for the press not to find out how dangerous the mine was. However, the peaceful trip to the sanitarium takes a dark turn when I see a machine that is making a disembodied hand wave. I have to approach it, don’t I? When it tells me to press X, I do don’t I? It’s a bear trap – Mike gets his finger trapped and his scream alerts the guard dog. Luckily, Mike realises he picked up a knife earlier and…oh no, this is Heavy Rain all over again isn’t it? I’m given two choices – open the bear trap or amputate fingers. I try to open the trap twice, but with the dog approaching and Mike failing each time, I’m forced to make Mike chop his own fingers off. Unfortunately, this means Mike now has no fingers and no machete. To be fair though, I think I’m more upset than Mike…

Until Dawn™_20170905224326

After adjusting to the loss of his fingers in record time, Mike finds the necessary key card on the dead guy in the picture above and enters the chapel. I panic as a wolf (the Psycho has wolves, not dogs) jumps at me and I completely forget how to do the ‘lock on’ mini game. I thought it was the end truthfully, but the wolf actually backs off. Mike Willis then grabs a badass jacket and a gun, but his new-found passion for shooting locks off backfires when the Psycho surrounds the lock with steel cans full of flammable material. As Mike throws himself to safety, the Psycho looks on with a satisfied look from their HQ full of security cameras…judging by the form of the kidnapper, I think I know who it is. She’s got good reason to be pissed at Mike too…

Until Dawn™_20170905231533

We then flip back to DoorMatt. He’s at the upper cable car station, but the Kidnapper locked all the automatic gates in the last scene. Emily decided she wants to check if Josh really is dead, so off we go. Luckily, Matt has an axe and we can hack our way into the cable car station. Further inspection of the cable car station reveals a map – there is a fire tower on the hill! Emily wants to go there to use the radio, so I get DoorMatt to agree and off we trot. We head up the cliff and into an ambush of deers. Who gets ambushed by deers?

Until Dawn™_20170905231744

Back to Sarah…who is still in the bath. With her music in and eyes shut, she misses the Psycho wander past her and out into the hall. The time says 01:11…has she been in the bath for two hours? To be fair, it seems the safest place to be based on everyone else’s evening. The psycho has nicked Sarah’s clothes, I’m guessing in an attempt to lure her into a trap. Poor Psycho has probably been waiting all night, waiting for Sarah to get out of the bath…There are balloons out, with arrows on and I can see the Psycho wandering around below Sarah, but what can I do? I kinda have to keep going downstairs, there is no where to hide and no weapons available. Sarah wanders into the cinema room and there the Psycho makes herself…yes, herself, known. Using the cinema screen to replay the evening’s events to Sam, the Psycho then whips out a needle and begins chase! Damn you Dr Hill!!! I do my best to keep Sam running, but the Psycho corners Sam and stabs her with the needle….I won’t lie, my heart is racing. It had been quite a dull chapter until this point…

Until Dawn™_20170905232935

Back to Dr Hill’s session…he’s back in a nice office now and wondering if the patient is enjoying this, inflicting their fears on those who wronged her. As he lowers the picture of a scarecrow, we see the patient…it’s the Psycho. Ye Gods…..

Next time

Will Retro Redress calm down after the end of Chapter 5?

Will Mike give us at least one ‘Yippie Ki -Yay?’

Will DoorMatt and Emily survive the army of deer?

Will Chris and Ashley get together after Josh predicted that they just needed a traumatic event to push them together? Aka his horrific death?

Find out next time!