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I’ve had a few days away from Until Dawn and I’ve been thinking about how I feel about the game. So far, I think this redress is going well. I’m enjoying the game and it’s not scaring me too much. If anything, Until Dawn is making me wish I’d played more scary games in the past.

Let’s get back to it….

So, at the end of Chapter 5 Dr Hill revealed his patient to be the Psycho behind all this. Let’s have a quick update on everyone.

Sam – last seen being attached with a needle. Potentially dead?

Josh – last seen being sawn in half. Dead.

Mike – Frat Boy Bruce Willis, with more hair but less fingers. Alive though.

Jess – suspected dead, having plummeted down a mine shaft

Emily/Matt – cornered by deer. Not dead, but not in a good situation either.

Chris/Ashley – traumatised by Josh’s death, but not dead.

Until Dawn™_20170909224358

It can only get better, right? Chapter 6 starts with Matt and Emily, surrounded by deer. I pick the calm option and the deer part like the red sea. As Matt and Emily are walking past the deer though, I make one of the stupidest mistakes I’ve made in my gaming life. I see the target prompt on one of the deer and instinctively guide the cursor on to it. This makes Matt hack the deer down with his axe and threaten the other deers. Good work, Retro Redress… I think because I haven’t played Until Dawn in a few days I just reacted on instinct. Regardless, the deer are pissed and Matt is in trouble. They back him off the ledge, but I’m able to redeem myself by executing some quick time events to climb up the cliff and Emily pulls Matt back to the top.  I then get to take control of Emily as we look for the Fire Tower and the radio of salvation. The radio of salvation…at dawn that is, when the ranger can rescue us. The title of the game dawns on me as the motion sensor is triggered by what I assume is the Psycho (and Matt assumes is a sheep…loser.) The Psycho can’t break through the hatch so cuts the cable supports of the Fire Tower and Matt and Emily fall with the toppling tower through all the snow into the mines… to be honest, I thought they had been squashed.

Until Dawn™_20170909230630

In the mines, Matt and I have to try and rescue Emily, who is hanging off the side of what used to be a fire tower. Emily’s whining is irritating, but I know Matt’s a gent (deer excluded) so I try and rescue her, as opposed to leaving her to die. The tower drops down anyway, leaving Emily to fall. Matt is able to throw himself to safety. Until he is dragged away by a force….that hangs him up  on a meat hook by his jaw?!? Yikes, that came out of nowhere…the official death count is up to two (Matt and Josh) with Sam and Jess suspected fatalities. I feel bad for Matt but 1) I’m not sure what I would have done differently and 2) he was a browbeaten fool. At least he won’t have to listen to Emily any more.

Until Dawn™_20170909232426

We cut back to Chris and Ashley at the lodge, looking for Sam. Ashley thanks Chris for saving her life as we search the lodge. They are slowly teasing these two getting together. Chris, to his credit, still seems upset over the death of Josh and isn’t willing to consider anything romantic yet. An explore of the cinema room and attached corridors leads to Ashley seeing a ghost like figure. I make Ashley insist to Chris that she definitely saw it….well, I saw it too, so I’m backing her up.It makes Ashley’s Romantic rating drop though, so sorry Chris. Ashley, who reminds me of Willow from Buffy, finds a doll house full of familiar looking dolls. Personally, given the situation they are in, I would be avoiding creepy dollhouses in basements, but that’s me.  Unfortunately, the dollhouse needs a key and I am awful at finding things in games. Luckily, the ghost realises how bad I am at finding things and guides us to the key. Chris sees the ghost now too, which stuns him.

Until Dawn™_20170909232708

Not as much as the dolls in the dollhouse though. One moves, creeping me out intensely. I have children who have toys and that thought is going to be in my head all day now. Thanks, Until Dawn. The Dollhouse reveals Hannah’s diary. She was looking forward to the party and seeing Mike…so she might just be a bit pissed with the gang. As Ashley and Chris discover the ‘old hotel’ that Sam was captured in, Ashley discovers fake newspapers…with the janitor as the headline. Looks like the Psycho is trying to cover it’s tracks via the ‘Scooby Doo’ method of bad guy. As we walk into deeper in to what looks like the Psycho’s lair, Ashley and Chris get locked in and I get a Butterfly update warning. Apparently, Ashley didn’t pick up the scissors…I didn’t even see any scissors. I have a feeling I might need them…the Psycho has left up the hit list and a trail of Sam’s blood and I’m starting to get a little anxious. As Chris forces the door, Ashley follows…and misses who was in the workshop? Come on game, I feel like I’m making loads of mistakes here! I was distracted by the evil looking clown in the room to be fair (cheers Dr Hill), who just turns out to be a mannequin wearing Sam’s clothes. As we find a knocked out Sam in the next room, I rejoice…until the Psycho attacks Chris and Ashley….I’ve got a feeling I’ve made a complete mess of this chapter…

Until Dawn™_20170909235820

When Ashley and Chris come to, they are chained to wooden chairs at a table and finally confess their feelings to each other…then the buzzsaws come down towards them. The Psycho informs us that Chris must use the gun in front of him to either kill himself or Ashley. What?!? I’m stunned…Chris tries to shoot the saws, but no joy. Ashley pleads with Chris to shoot her as he saved her life earlier, but I’m not doing that. Goodbye Chris….

Until Dawn™_20170910000346

Back to Dr Hill and even the good doctor thinks the Psycho has gone too far….and he’s the guy who ran out to purchase clown costumes, needles and snakes. I think. These Dr Hill sections are confusing and terrifying. All I know is, in one chapter, I’ve lost two people, maybe three. Not a good chapter…

Until Dawn™_20170911211226

Chapter 7. ‘Vengeance’, starts with Mike somehow having located Sam. Not sure how he did it, but I’m glad he did. Since I last played Until Dawn, I’ve acquired two cats….one of whom has already walked over the keyboard in the two minutes I’ve had my laptop out. So we both have our difficulties. Sam lets Mike know about Josh’s death and I explain to my cat that the laptop is not a runway. Sam then sets off to find Mike on the other side of the wall. A quick trip through a door and we find Chris and Ashley in their seats from earlier…alive? Chris is shootiing at the incoming Psycho….who hasa wisely filled the gun with blanks. The Pyscho then removes his mask to reveal….Josh! I knew it!

Until Dawn™_20170911212029

Back to Emily, hanging off a tower. Upside down by her foot.  Luckily for her, she’s able to fall on some wreckage and get away from the falling mine shaft…which confuses me, cos she was hanging off a tower underground a minute ago. A dull section of wandering around dark mines occurs where I’m left wanting to go back to the others.  The highlight of the section is Emily nearly dying during a QTE because I was distracted by a cat.  Emily does find some big clues though…Hannah’s glasses, a picture of Hannah’s tattoo, Beth’s head. Emily then bumps into a stranger with what looks like a flamethrower. She runs, but gets caught…mainly because I messed up a ‘Don’t Move’ controller prompt due to cat related issues….I’m screwed if I have to play anything faster than Until Dawn.

Until Dawn™_20170911215517

Finally, back to the rest of the gang…Josh is bragging about his revenge for his sisters. He’s basically spent loads of time and money to play Saw and bob the footage on Youtube. Mike is kinda pissed…you know, dead girlfriend and missing fingers, A smack in the mouth later and we see Mike and Chris drag Josh into a shed, with the plan to keep him hostage until the sun comes up.

Until Dawn™_20170911220317

In lieu of a Dr Hill scene, we now have Josh held with Mike and Chris at gunpoint. Josh’s master plan for revenge doesn’t seem include the stranger that caught Emily. The plot is thickening….

Next time…

Will Retro Redress conquer Until Dawn? Or will his cats end up distracting him?

Will Josh get what he deserves?

Will we see Dr Hill again?

Will Ashley and Chris get together?

Find out next time!