Part One, Part Two and Part Three are here.

With Chapter Seven completed, we head into Chapter Eight and the home stretch of Until Dawn…

Chapter Eight begins with Emily. The stranger she encounters takes aim at a shadowy figure and pushes Emily to safety. Down a big hole, but still, that was the safer option in his mind. I feel like I’m playing two different stories at this point – Emily discovering the real mystery and the rest of the gang dealing with Josh. I reckon Emily will be unbearable if she solves the mystery. The ‘Josh’ section of the game has been much more interesting though.  As I type this, a monster spring out of nowhere, kicking off a frantic series of QTEs. I barely survive them (nearly falling into an industrial crusher at one point) and leg it down the hill straight to the lodge! Fair play to Until Dawn, I was actually thinking this redress was losing steam and I wasn’t afraid of this game, but the last few minutes were superb and raised my heart rate considerably!

Until Dawn™_20170913222038

As Emily explains her adventures to the rest of the gang, the stranger bursts in and begins to explain his part in all this. Jerkface Mike begins to accuse the Stranger of being guilty of killing Beth and Hannah, until the Stranger notes that cannibalism on the mountain raises an Indian Curse. This gives Mike a flashback to an event I can’t remember and shuts him (and me) up. To be fair, I’m busy trying to fend two cats away from my laptop. If you have lots of unplayed games in your backlog, does that trigger an Indian curse of cats who insist on strutting across your keyboard? Chris decides he has to rescue Psycho Josh…despite him being a psycho. The Stranger says he will accompany him and Ashley kisses him…Chris, not the Stranger. That would be a weird plot development.  With Chris finally getting with Ashley, I feel obliged to not kill him.

Until Dawn™_20170913224235

So the Stranger and Chris venture out into the woods, the Stranger armed with a flamethrower and Chris being the least intimidating person with a firearm since Dad’s Army. As we arrive at the shed, we see no Josh, just a broken stool and a trail of blood. Leaving the shed, I’m tasked with a ‘Don’t Move’ motion test…and fail horribly. I’m sat on the floor as my pad is charging plus I’m watching the cats, who are considering attacking our curtains. I’m distracted and as a result, the Stranger is killed. With that Chris begins his desperate sprint to the Lodge. I nail all the QTE’s…except the  last one, where I needed one last shot to put down the Wendigo to get to the Lodge. The Wendigo simply beheads Chris, throwing his head back to the Lodge for a shocked Ashley and Mike to see…then begins feasting on Chris…that’s the third time I’ve put Chris in danger and sadly, it will be the last time. As an aside, we see a cut scene where the Wendigo drags Josh, intact, away…

Until Dawn™_20170913225509

Mike leads a devastated Ashley to the Old Hotel in the basement and the survivors start to plan. Sam wants to hole up in the Old Hotel until dawn (sensible) while Mike wants to find a way off the mountain (insane). While the gang are arguing, there are two realisations. One – Josh probably has the cable car key, so no one can go anywhere. Two – Emily has been bitten by the Wendigo. Mike naturally assumes she will turn into a Wendigo and aims a gun at Emily. I can’t do it though…there’s no evidence, it’s not The Last Of Us for pete’s sake! Let’s be honest for a moment – Emily is Mike’s ex, if they’re still dating, he’s not aiming that gun at her. I spare Emily, despite Ashley’s protests. Mike goes looking for…..well, trouble,..while the girls plan their survival. Ashley looks through the book the Stranger left, which confirms that a Wendigo bite will not turn the victim into a Wendigo. Not shooting Emily is the best decision I’ve made in Until Dawn, Not for Ashley though, who gets slapped down by a raging Emily. Sam breaks the tension by reading the book and realising Mike is in trouble. The girls decide to go help Jerkface….

Until Dawn™_20170913231106

Back to Dr Hill to end Chapter Eight…Josh is getting a bollocking over his choice and the chaos he has caused. The good Dr rightly points out that Josh is now experiencing one of his biggest fears as he has alienated everyone…isolation.

Until Dawn™_20170915220323

Chapter 9 sees Mike wandering around the Sanitarium again. It’s kinda dull to be honest, especially after the rush of Chapter Eight. Mike meets the wolf from the previous chapter and effortlessly recruits it in his trip to the mines. The trip around the Sanitarium is pretty dry and much like Emily’s sections in the mines, feel padded out. You get lots of clues, but I feel like I know the story of Until Dawn now and I just want to see what happens to the gang. The action picks up when a Wendigo attacks Mike – luckily Mike has a shotgun and no qualms about leaving the wolf behind. The wolf saves itself to be fair, so maybe Mike made the right call?

Until Dawn™_20170915221411

As Mike enters a dark room, he’s stalked by a Wendigo. A ‘Don’t Move’ prompt kicks in, just as my cats decide to continue their national sport of walking on my laptop. Result? Mike gets attacked. However, the wolf distracts the monster and Mike uses the shotgun to get out of trouble. How many shells does that thing have anyway? Mike’s been firing it loads since getting it, he must be running low on shells now. Eventually, Mike escapes, thanks to some action movie heroics and the guidance of the wolf, who nobly stays behind. I was oddly touched by that moment. As Mike gets to the door, he’s ambushed by more Wendigos. I hit them all, but one automatically jumps on him and we fade to black…is Mike ok? I’ve warmed to him now, he’s brave and has some marvelous swearing in his locker.

Until Dawn™_20170915225936

We cut to Jess…wait, Jess?!? I thought she was dead? Before I can make any sense of that, we cut to Ashley, Emily and Sam, who are foolishly chasing Mike through the tunnels of the sanitarium. With the door to the Sanitarium locked, the girls take to the sewers….because, they’ve learned nothing so far. Even better, they decide to split up, with Ashley heading back to the lodge. They’ve learned nothing from this game at all. A brief cut scene shows us Josh’s body being dumped into a cave as I question the girls’ sanity. Sam is then off to find the Sanitarium and Mike…which thankfully she does, just in time to save Mike. Mike declares he’s going into the mines to get the keys from Josh, ending a very inconsistent Chapter Nine…

Until Dawn™_20170916212301

Chapter Ten begins with Dr Hill discharging Josh from his care…in only the way a sinister, insane figment of your imagination can. The following scenes that follow with Josh in the mines are scary…some of the scariest of Until Dawn. Josh hallucinates that Hannah and Beth are undead and questioning him as to why he didn’t save them. We then cut to Mike and Sam as they enter the mines. Apparently, I miss an important clue on my travels…though I’d call a room full of beheaded corpses an important discovery. I’d also say a freaked out Josh is a pretty important discovery too,. With the only way to the top being a massive climb, Sam elects to go this way, leaving Mike and Josh to back the way they came. Not sure why all three don’t stick together, but that’s just me…I would not be isolating myself in this situation. Mind you, sticking together doesn’t help either…Josh and Mike are ambushed by a Wendigo with Hannah’s tattoo. Mike escapes but Josh has his head crushed…I’d have more sympathy for Josh, but this whole game is kinda his fault really.

Until Dawn™_20170916214634

We cut back to Jess, who is still in the mines. A wendigo spots her and I’m given the option of hiding or running. Being an idiot with memory issues, I go against the stranger’s advice and try to run. Jess is killed instantly and I’m actually annoyed at myself. I just mindlessly picked ‘run’ without even thinking….I’m responsible for the deaths of Chris and Jessica. I had no chance with Matt and I have no idea what I missed with Josh. At least I saved Emily though, right?

Until Dawn™_20170916221025

Back to Sam, who is climbing out of the mines. She makes it easily (she’s dressed practically for all this terror in what looks like running gear) and sprints away from her pursuer…who happens to be a traumatised Mike. After breaking into the Lodge, Mike and Sam go to check the basement….only to be greeted by a fleeing Emily and Ashley. Fleeing due to the army of Wendigos chasing them. Cue a damn tense scene where the four remaining members of the gang are trapped in a house full of Wendigos. I’ve learned my lesson though – no more trying to run from them! I have Sam hide each turn allowing the others to flee and the Wendigos to attack each other, as they can only sense each other moving. I then have Sam sprint to the entrance, flicking the light switch on the way out and cause the house to explode, via exposed gas main. I’m relived to see the Wendigos burnt alive in the house and the rescue helicopter circling outside…

Until Dawn™_20170916222119

Cue the end credits and footage of everyone’s death. Well, thanks Until Dawn for taking the shine off the end! There are some police interviews, but the only real standout is Emily still being mad at Matt for thinking about shooting her and not giving a damn about Matt because he didn’t save her. Er…Matt didn’t shoot you and Matt died saving you, Emily…

Verdict – Well I beat that redress – I actually completed a scary game! I wasn’t too scared either, so maybe I’m getting braver? I had a lot of fun with Until Dawn – lots of late nights and tired mornings – I would happily recommend Until Dawn to anyone with a weekend or so to play a game.

So, in closing, this redress has taught me that I need to play more scary games and I’m sure I will, now I’ve played and enjoyed Until Dawn, Thank you to anyone who read all four parts of my ramblings!