Now I’m back from Vegas and have recovered from jet lag/disorganisation, I’m looking to plough on with my redresses.

If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll notice that most of the games I’ve looked at have been Sega or Sony. However, there is no bias – I like Nintendo games a lot, I’m just a latecomer to their games as I had Sega and Sony machines growing up.

To put it in perspective, my first proper Nintendo console (if you don’t count the Game Boy – everyone had one of those!) was the N64 in 2002, followed by a Gamecube. This means there are lots of Nintendo games that I’ve never experienced/finished from the 80’s onwards.

So, I’m going to dedicate this month to playing some of my Nintendo backlog. Join me as I struggle through classic games and wonder how I take pictures  after MiiVerse disappears….