Guilty Party – Retro Redress

Crime – Giving up on Super Mario 3D World and leaving Mario on World 6, Stage 2

Redress – Get back to Super Mario 3D World and complete the standard eight Worlds!

One of my terrible gaming habits is getting into a game, then simply giving up on it and never finishing it. Super Mario World 3D is a prime example of that. I had a spell where I hammered this game, then one day just stopped playing it. It wasn’t a gradual thing – I just stopped, cold turkey and never played Super Mario 3D World again.

Well…it’s time to go back to Super Mario 3D World and rescue the princess…

Title screen.jpg

Firstly, I need to give a bit of background to this redress. I had got the 3DS version (Super Mario 3D Land) free with my 3DS some years ago and loved it. I played through the regular eight worlds and got right to the end of the special eight worlds. So when I got a Wii U a few years ago, I asked for Super Mario 3D World. In hindsight, I think it was a mistake. Having played a fair bit of 3D World, I think it’s a bit too similar to 3D Land. I feel like I’m playing the same game again. Also, I think I was more impressed with the 3DS version, as it was on a handheld console. I don’t think 3D World is a bad game, far from it. I just think the ‘wow factor’ is gone and I’m left with a game that has outstayed it’s welcome.

Now I could just trade it in – I certainly have ideas about what to spend the credit on! Alas, I know that is the easy way out, a route I’ve taken too many times before. So I’ve vowed I’m going to beat 3D World’s regular eight levels. I know there will be more special levels after that, but truthfully, I’m not that interested. I didn’t like the way 3D Land did that – I would rather have had sixteen worlds, with a big ending as opposed to two lots of eight worlds and two ‘eh’ endings.


Anyway…enough explaining. Here is where I left Mario, having completed World 6-2. Already, I’m doing better than with Ninja Gaiden! To be fair, Super Mario 3D World isn’t anywhere near as hard as Ninja Gaiden, I find it more niggly than difficult. The main problem is having enough green stars to progress onto new levels, hopefully this won’t hold up my attempt to complete the redress….


I’m playing 6-4 first, as I can’t see 6-3, ‘Deep Jungle Drift’ is the name of the level and it’s a pain. Moving rafts carry you among the platforms and mesh nets…if you are good at the game. I’ve completely lost my mojo on this game and lost all but one life in getting to the end. It’s a bad start, but I make up for it by beating up Prince Bully Blockade handily on the next level. It’s a typical Mario 3D boss battle – jump on something’s head to stun them, then hit them while stunned, repeat x3. There are lots of these boss battles in 3D World and to be honest, I’m over them.


Back to the actual levels, I’m actually getting on a bit of a roll. I’m able to progress through levels quite quickly. I feel the levels in 3D World come and go a bit quickly and they aren’t as memorable as 3D Land. I also think 3D Land’s difficulty curve was more pronounced, while 3D World’s seems a little off at times. To be fair to 3D World, I’m playing this after a break of six months, so I’m probably not the best judge. I’m trying not to moan, because 3D World is a good game, I just think Nintendo can knock this sort of Mario game out in their sleep. Maybe they do….


The final stage of World 6 is a moving level with vehicles and enemies about (fun) and another 3D boss battle (bad). I’m fighting another of Bowser’s kids in a battle where I stun him, hit him then spend two minutes dodging…and repeat. I find these battles really repetitive and to be honest, they’re not helping me push towards completing the game. I may have made this point somewhere before, so forgive me for repeating myself, but a boss battle should be a momentous occasion. Think of Death in Castlevania for example…that was a boss battle that was a real challenge and the satisfaction of finally beating Death was incredible. That was the moment I said to myself “Hey, I can go on to complete Castlevania!” The victory inspired me and the constant practice made me much better at the game.

The boss battles in Super Mario 3D World are nothing like that. Repetitive, easy and frankly meaningless. Why fret about beating Bowser’s daughter when you face his son on the next world…complete with the same attack pattern?

5 Upon beating up Bowser’s 34th kid, I move on to…World Castle? This worries me…shouldn’t it be World 7? Further investigation confirms that if I can defeat World Castle, then I just have to defeat World Bowser in order to complete the redress. I was ready to rage when I read about World Flower etc….I had no desire to play though another four worlds to complete Super Mario 3D World. Once I saw they were optional bonus levels, I rejoiced, to put it mildly. My main concern at the moment is if I can beat World Boredom and force myself to complete the game.

Yeah…I’m pretty jaded on Super Mario 3D World. So jaded, I end up messing around with Grey Dog Software’s Total Extreme Wrestling 2016 (TEW2016 to us addicts) instead of playing Super Mario 3D World. For those of you who don’t know, TEW 2016 is the pro wrestling equivalent of Football Manager, only more addictive and destructive to your life. Imagine working at a box factory all week, then getting addicted to the tablets in that Bradley Cooper film Limitless….that’s the contrast between the two games. Luckily, I remembered just in time that I have a job, wife, kids and cats (who have been pretty sleepy while I’ve played Super Mario 3D World) and managed to discard TEW 2016 before I ended up alone in a dark basement planning endless wrestling storylines. As I close down TEW16 and turn my laptop off, I make a promise to myself.

I’m going to beat Super Mario 3D World…no matter how uninspiring I find it….

Next time…

Will Retro Redress complete Super Mario World 3D?

Will TEW 2016 resume it’s stranglehold on Retro Redress’ life?

Will Super Mario 3D World give me s a decent boss battle?

Will my cats ever wake up?