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After not feeling inspired by Super Mario 3D World earlier in the week, I found myself strugging to return to it. Tuesday night saw wrestling and Toblerone win out, while Wednesday saw me distracted by WhatsApp and Twitter. Problem is, I’ve managed to agree a time with the wife where I can go and trade Super Mario 3D World in…it’s a small window of opportunity on Sunday. If I was trading Super Mario 3D World in for another game it would be OK – CEX is just down the road. However, I need to go to GAME as I want some Nintendo Virtual Console credit.Therefore, I need to keep my interest in Super Mario 3D World so I can complete it before Sunday.

However, I’m struggling to maintain interest and I know me, that’s a big problem. If a game hasn’t got my interest, then I know ultimately I won’t end up finishing it. Still, I know I need to try. So Thursday sees me switch on the Wii U gamepad…and promptly plug in the charger. Does anyone else have a Wii U gamepad with poor battery life? It’s only two years old, but spends most of it’s time on charge.


I picked up where I left off, struggling through a ‘darkness’ themed level on the second to last world, World – Castle. I manage to finish the stage, but my inspiration is fairly low. I’ve already played a similar level to this on the 3DS version, Super Mario 3D Land. Part of my problem with Super Mario 3D World is that it’s far too similar to Super Mario 3D 3D Land. I wish there had been some new level styles. The main focus of Super Mario 3D World seems to be the multiplayer mode, which is great…unless you’re me and have no one to play with. Given my whinging over the last paragraph, I’m not blaming anyone…again I don’t think Super Mario 3D World is a bad game, I just feel very unmotivated to play it.


After battling through a few levels, I realise that one of the other things that bugs me about Super Mario 3D World is the extras. For example, the stamps…I don’t care about stamps. If I wanted to collect stamps, I’d get a scrapbook. Too many times I’ve made a risky jump and died, then finally made it…only to get a stamp for my effort. To be fair, there are some good features – I do like the Captain Toad levels (a puzzle game where you navigate the non-jumping Captain Toad around a maze to get green stars) and I like the open world map. However, the familar levels and pointless boss battles just bring me down a bit. I wish the game had more gameplay than features – some different levels, less boss battles, more focus on getting stars, not getting stamps and jumping on the top of the flag poles. Dare I say it, I could live without the four player mode too. If I play a Mario platform game, I want to play as Mario and maybe Luigi. I don’t want to play as any other member of the Mario cast – one of my dislikes of modern Sonic games is being forced to play as Sonic’s friends, I just want to be Sonic. Tails is ok, but after that….I’m not interested.


Friday sees me return to Super Mario 3D World, still bored but at least the end is in sight. A few more World-Castle levels leads me to another boss battle with a big flaming ball. To be honest, these type of boss battles aren’t too bad – you have to stop the smaller boulders, then launch them at the big boulder. There are fireballs coming at you from the lake of fire that surrounds the platform, adding to the tension. It takes me a few goes, but I eventually figure it out and beat the boss. After beating the boss, I’m ready to move onto the last level of World-Castle, then on to World-Bowser. That annoys me too – just call them World 6 and World 7, in line with the other levels!


Wait…what?!? You mean, after slogging through all those levels, I haven’t got enough stars to play the last level? I had an inkling that I might not have enough stars – it happened to me on 3D Land and I had to replay a few levels in order to get enough green stars to progress. Thing is, I enjoyed 3D Land. The thought of replaying 3D World is daunting. I thought I might be a few green stars short, but 24! It’s a punch in the face and it’s taken me aback truthfully.

Still, I try. I look through the levels and look at the levels where I’m missing green stars. I go back to World 3, where I’m missing lots of green stars and start hunting. However, I’m flagging and my interest level is zero. I’m basically replaying levels I don’t want to replay in order to continue playing a game I’m not really interested in playing any more. It’s not fun at all and to make things worse, my eyes are starting to close on me…I end up asleep on the couch…a true sign of defeat. It’s made worse by my cats deciding to use me as a bed, meaning I have to pry both of them and the Wii U Gamepad off me before I can stagger upstairs to bed.


Saturday sees me make the decision…I’m giving up on Super Mario 3D World. I feel bad about giving up on a redress but I have five good reasons

1)  I’m bored with Super Mario 3D World and am struggling to motivate myself to play it.

2) I already know the ending. Let’s be honest – it’s going to be Mario rescuing the princess then doing a little dance. Isn’t that the ending of most Mario games?

3) Time is of the essence. I only have so much of it and I can’t justify wasting time I need to play other games on a game I’m not interested in. You can’t win them all, right?

4) Super Mario 3D World isn’t that pressing an issue for me. There are some games that I am absolutely desperate to play and finally beat. There are some games that are the main reason I started this blog. Super Mario 3D World is just me clearing my backlog so I can get to those games. I realise now that it’s a stepping stone, to bigger and better games.

5) I want to trade Super Mario 3D World for some Virtual Console credit so I can replay a game I’m really looking forward to playing. I want to play it this month as it’s my Well-Red Mage contribution for this month, so I need to move on Super Mario 3D World so I can move on.

Thinking about it more, I’m happy with the above reasons. It’s probably the most practical failure I’ve had with Retro Redress so far…

Verdict – So, yes I failed the redress…I did not finish Super Mario 3D World. I’m disappointed, but I understand why I failed. I failed due to a lack of interest in Super Mario 3D World and a need to move my attention elsewhere.

The question is, how can I avoid this situation happening again? I don’t ever want to write about a game I’m not interested in again. It’s not fun for me and I feel bad for anyone reading this – I’ve spent all week complaining about something I’ve chosen to write about, my apologies! I think one of the issues with Super Mario 3D World is already playing through a very similar game, so I’m going to avoid that in future.

I think the main problem with Super Mario 3D World though was playing it in bursts. I’ve had it for nearly two years and I’ve never played it for more than two weeks at a time. I think that’s why I’ve lost interest in it – it’s hard to maintain interest in a game over that long a time period, with so much else happening in between.

So as I type this (on a Saturday night, watching hockey as opposed to playing Super Mario World 3D one last time) I feel like this redress has been a real learning experience for me. I need to just give up on some things in my backlog – there is no way back for some games unfortunately. Sadly, Super Mario 3D World is one of those games…still, if I ever want to re-live it, I have the 3DS version. In my opinion, that’s probably the best version and the best way to experience Mario’s 3D adventures for the Wii U/3DS generation…