Hello all…

Apologies for the lack of posts…a combination of Super Mario 3D World (the least I’ve enjoyed a game since Watchdogs 2) and the end of MiiVerse caused me to lose my way in November. The problem was screenshots of my Nintendo game collection –  I can take screenshots on my Wii U, but not my 3DS. It’s a shame because there’s lots of games I want to play on the 3DS, plus I like finding handheld games I’ve not played before for The Well Red Mage.

Still, time for a new month and to play something new. Well, I want to play something I’ve played before but need to finish.


Yeah…I’ve left Breath Of The Wild for far too long. I’m going to get back into it again, but not force it this time. If I want to play something else, I will. I’m not going to rush playing through Breath Of The Wild either. I’m going to enjoy it and try to make some progress.

As well as a review for The Well Red Mage , I’m also going to take on the 30 Day Video Game Challenge. I enjoyed defythemajority’s picks on Walk Away From The Sun and it made me think about what I would pick. What better way to find out than to take the challenge myself? I’m going to start the challenge on 2 December and take it up to New Year’s Eve.

So, it should be a busy month – I’m hoping to do more playing/posting than the last few months!