Day 2: Favourite video game character?

This is an easy one for me…

30 Day Challenge 2

Yeah, Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes! I picked up No More Heroes on the Wii many years ago and fell in love with Travis straight away. I think it’s because I can relate to him. He’s not some do-gooder or someone who’s perfect. He’s flawed and stupid, but it’s hard not to warm to him. I find myself laughing at his take on the world, as dumb as it can be.

I like his world a lot – Santa Destroy is full of violent battles…but also lots of mundane tasks and jobs. Much like real life, with lots of drama one minute and tedium the next..I can relate. I can understand why I’m playing the game too…it’s not Watchdogs 2 where I’m doing illegal things for supposedly noble reasons…Travis wants money, fame and respect, things I can understand.

In short, Travis isn’t some faceless, jacked up marine or a ‘Mary Sue’ of a hero…he’s a huge nerd who’s got a goal and motives I can relate to and he loves pro wrestling. It’s a no-brainer really!

All I need to do now is finish the damn game. I’ve played and traded it twice (Wii and PS3) and it’s one of my biggest gaming regrets. No More Heroes is a great example of why I created Retro Redress – to finally finish games that I’ve loved and abandoned or had to trade in. Hopefully, one day we get a PS4 remaster….