Day 7: Favourite video game couple?

30 Day Challenge 7

I wasn’t sure if I should pick Max Payne and Mona Sax, but I couldn’t think of anyone better. If they weren’t together long enough to be classed as a couple, then they should have been. I’ve never played Max Payne 3, but think it’s odd that there is no Mona in the story.

I spent the summer of 2005 in a dark room after a bad break up, playing Max Payne 1 and 2. It was exactly what I needed – a chance to lose myself in an adventure and take my mind off things. I was drawn to Max and his quest…and had no problem gunning down the hundreds of goons who had wronged him.

The relationship between Max and Mona was a big factor, especially in the second game and I wanted them to make it. Alas, they didn’t…unless you play on the highest difficulty. Naturally, I didn’t play Max Payne 2 on the highest difficulty, so no happy ending for me. Still, two damaged souls joining forces to take on a dark and corrupt city was something I warmed to and still remember fondly to this day…

…unlike the film. Jackie from That 70’s Show as Mona Sax? No thanks….