9: Saddest Game Scene?

Hands down, it’s Jenny’s death scene in The Darkness…it’s a tragedy and one that you are helpless to prevent; Jenny is trapped on the other side of the door with mob boss Paulie Franchetti while The Darkness is stopping you from helping her.

30 Day Challenge 9

What made the trauma worse is that, I was playing the game with a friend and he had decided to take a nap, which a) meant I had to endure this tragic event by myself and b) that I got blamed for it.

After Jenny’s murder though, there was no way I wasn’t going to finish that game; I was on an absolute mission and whupped everyone. It’s a shame the game kinda peters out towards the end…it becomes more narrative than game….

Still, it’s a powerful memory and one I remember vividly over ten years later….