16: Game with the best cut scenes?

I struggled with this question, as I’m not usually the biggest fan of cut scenes. I’m a bit impatient and tend to miss details. However, one game did come to mind.

30 Day Challenge 16

Yeah…Mafia III was the game that came to mind. A lot has been said about Mafia III’s gameplay and AI which I agree with. Mafia III is one great mission….played about 300 times. Basically, Lincoln Clay kills enemies. It’s awesome, but it gets old. Throw in the awful AI that can’t see the mountain of enemies Lincoln has killed and it’s a game that can be a battle to finish.

Yet, I did finish it and that was down to the cut scenes. The story was fantastic and this is due to the cut scenes. I loved the representation of the characters (John Donovan is my favourite…a multi faceted character in a video game was a pleasant surprise) and the voice acting. Because of these assets, I felt compelled to see the game through to the end.

I couldn’t play it again though…I think I’m numb to Lincoln Clay stealth kills now….