As part of Kim at Later Level’s Creative Christmas collaboration (try saying that quickly), I’m taking part in answering 12 festive questions. Here’s the first one, later than planned…apologies!

🎁 19 December 2017:   You need to choose a gift for someone special and go online to check out the video game item catalogue. Who is this person and what present would you select for them?

A tricky question for me…my other half isn’t into games at all so I can’t really buy her anything gaming wise.

My son is five and has some interest in gaming, but it’s mainly Lego games. I’d like to get him something good, something that would get him into gaming more…but what?

I think I have the perfect answer….

Creative Christmas Day 1

Yup, the classic Burnout 3. I think the races might be a little beyond him, but I think he would love the crash junctions. Causing lots of damage and explosions as possible would really appeal to him…all children love that sort of thing, right? Plus, it’s not too difficult to explain how to play and you can repeat it over and over again.

It sounds like a winner – just need to head down to CEX to get an Xbox/Xbox 360 and a copy of Burnout 3!