19: Picture of a game setting you wished you lived in?

An easy one for me this – as someone who hates the cold and lives in England, there are lots of tropical places I could move to!

However, there is one winner for me, just for sheer variety of locations.

30 Day Challenge 19

Yup, it’s the beautiful world of Outrun 2. The above is the first stage which looks fantastic. I’d happily live there, in Palm Beach, watching sports cars race about and humming ‘Magical Sound Shower.’

30 Day Challenge 19 B

The other reason I’d live in Outrun 2’s world is because I could do some great sight seeing. Bored of the beach? Then I’d race down the road to this city complete with Sonic statue, in about ten minutes. Why does a city have a giant Sonic statue anyway? I’m not complaining, but I’d love to have been at the planning meeting where the idea of building a statue of a giant blue hedgehog was proposed and passed!

So yeah, Palm Beach in Outrun 2’s world is where I’d like to live. Anyway, back to the cold of Northern England….