👪   20 December 2017:   You’re wrapping presents while listening to cheesy festive tunes, and start to reminisce about holidays past. What’s your favourite Christmas gaming memory?

An easy answer for me this – Christmas 1994, when I got my Mega Drive.

Creative Christmas Day 2

I remember it so well…it was Christmas Eve and our presents were out on the table in the corner, ready for Christmas Day. My main present was a big box shaped present…it was obviously a Mega Drive, but my ten year old mind was suffering some serious anxiety over this. I wanted a Mega Drive so badly…I had decided that I needed to move on from the Master System (the Master System would remain with me and my family until 2010, so don’t feel too sorry for it!) and upgrade…I was ready for 16-bit!

So…I had a discreet feel of the box. Surprisingly though, I couldn’t tell if the present contained a Mega Drive by touch alone. Oh no….so, I discreetly tore part of the wrapping off the present. Just at the back where no-one could see. Underneath, there was a black section of cardboard with the familar ‘white wire’ design. This confirmed that I was to be the proud owner of a Mega Drive and I relaxed.

Cue Christmas Day and after being ‘surprised’ by my new Mega Drive, I spent a fun day playing all my new games…Chuck Rock, Sonic 1…and Kid Chameleon, amongst others. Despite Kid Chameleon, I had a great day and finished with a all-nighter (well, until 10pm…I was ten!) on European Club Soccer, a game I considered to be amazing thanks to it’s kit design feature and cheery 90’s music.

In hindsight, it was a great day and I can’t say I’ve ever quite had a Christmas Day as exciting in terms of gaming. I can remember what I got every Christmas, but nothing was as good as that year…to get such a great system and so many good games (and Kid Chameleon) was a really memorable experience for me.

You know, maybe I should get a Mega Drive and European Club Soccer for this Christmas, so I can relive that great Christmas?