21: Game with the best story?

I struggled with this question. As you might have picked up on by now, I’ve lost most of my gaming life to sports, wrestling and beat em ups – great stories are few in these genres.

The first game that comes to mind. I guess?

30 day gaming challenge Day 21

I loved GTA V’s story – it was epic, yet oddly relatable. 3 men, looking to prove a point, committing crimes in a huge open world environment? I was drawn in. Great dialogue, memorable characters and awesome drama, supplemented by lots of neat little touches (the internet world on GTA V is incredible for humour and scathing truth.)

My only regret with GTA V was not completing the game 100%. I beat the story, but Michael, Franklin and Trevor had further adventures left in them, further stories to tell. Alas, I did what I always do – tried to move on to the next game, only to find the next game isn’t all that.

Still, as the old saying goes – “It’s better to have completed a game 70.8% than to have not completed a game at all.”