22- A game’s sequel which disappointed you

I’m used to disappointment with games (right, Watchdogs 2?) but there is one incident I always think of when it comes to gaming disappointment…

30 day challenge 22

Ah…Smackdown vs Raw. It’s actually not a bad game, but I remember one certain incident disappointing me and my friends.

See, back in the 00’s, we’d all play wrestling games, even the non fans. After a few weak games, the WWE series had picked up with the brilliant Here Comes The Pain. We all used to play it – it alternated with Pro Evo as our multi player game of choice.

So we were eager for the sequel. We got all, crowded round the portable TV in my friend’s house and dived into the Elimination Chamber. Things were going well, the game looked like an improvement on Here Comes The Pain…then it happened.

As our characters entered the chamber and moved around, the camera shot back, to what I remember being ridiculous lengths, making it near impossible to play the game. That right there, was the beginning of the end of WWE games with friends. Sure we played Smackdown vs Raw a bit more, but the magic had gone. Soon after, people moved on, both with games and life.

It was just me after that. Smackdown vs Raw 2007 was the last one I played for a few years. I had a awesome Great Muta CAW that I loved playing as, but the grapple system wasn’t much fun. I wouldn’t return until Smackdown vs Raw 2010, but that’s a story for another day…