23 – Game you think had the best art style

I’m going with a bit of an obscure one here, but I loved it’s art style and thought it was a pretty underrated game.

30 day challenge 23

WET was a action game, similar to Max Payne and Stranglehold, where you played as Rubi Malone (voiced by Eliza Dushku) and basically gunned down as many people a possible. The aim was to be as stylish as possible, but I kinda slugged my way through it…especially the training levels.

30 day challenge 23 b

I loved the art style though. It was a ‘grindhouse/Tarantino’ look, based around red and black, with latin influenced punk playing in the background.

30 day challenge 23 c

 I love the sections where Rubi gets covered in blood and the game changes to a red noir style massacre, where you have to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible. They’re frantic stages and the art and music suit the action perfectly.

If you have a Xbox 360 or PS3, I’d recommend hunting down a copy of WET, it’s probably very cheap now and will entertain you for a week or two…