24 – Favourite Classic Game?

I had to think about this – I consider myself a retro gamer, but not a classic gamer, if that makes sense. What I mean is, I don’t really play ‘classic’ games like Space Invaders or Missile Command. For me gaming starts with the NES and Master System in the mid eighties.

Using that logic, there is only one real choice for me….

30 day challenge 24

For me, Super Mario Bros is the a classic game and the first great ‘game’, as we know games today. Not just a hi-score challenge, but with a story and multiple levels with their own variations. Super Mario Bros kick started a franchise, a console and an obsession for many people.

Super Mario Bros passes a crucial test for me – it still holds up today. Sure, it’s been surpassed by it’s many sequels but how many games from 1985 hold up this well? I think it still plays as well as the first time I played it…which was nearly a decade after it first came out.

I’m not entirely sure that Super Mario Bros fits the description of ‘classic’ game as the question intended. It’s definitely a classic game in my eyes though – a simple yet brilliant game, expertly designed by Nintendo.

Oh and Merry Christmas!!! Hope it’s a good one!