25 – A game you plan on playing?

I don’t like to give away what games I’m going to play for Retro Redress (I have a theory that people like to be surprised) but there is one game that I am definitely going to play next year, a wrong I definitely need to put right…

30 day challenge 25

I’ve owned GTA III four times and never got off the first island.  I first got it with my PS2 for my 18th, hammered it for two weeks then stopped playing it, never to return. I can’t explain why – I was enjoying GTA III, I reckon I must have got stuck.

Years later, I bought GTA III on my mobile phone. I was surprised it worked, walked around the streets for twenty minutes then stopped playing, never to return.

New Years Day 2016, I bought the GTA Trilogy in a sale and ignored it for a while. I finally fired up GTA III earlier this year and got stuck on the final mission on the first island. I then stopped playing GTA III never to return.

To be honest, the frame rate issues my laptop was struggling with kinda put me off too. So I purchased the GTA Trilogy again on my PS4 in the spring.

I have a list of games that Retro Redress was specifically set up for. Sure, there are lots of games that I need to play…but there is a list of games that HAVE to be played. GTA III is on that list and I intend to beat it next year…fourth time lucky I hope….