🎄 27 December 2017:   Your help must have worked, because it’s now Christmas morning and presents are under the tree! There’s a fancy box with your name on it; which gaming-related item are you hoping is inside?

This was an easy one for me this. It would be easy to name some crazy retro system, but there is only one console I want…or at least, a type of console I want.

Creative Christmas Day 7

Yes, I’d love a new Nintendo 3DS. They look snazzy and cool, plus they can play SNES games. However, the main reason I want them is because they can take screenshots of Virtual Console games (I believe – please correct me in the comments if I’m wrong)  which is crucial to my writing for Retro Redress and The Well-Red Mage.

I love my 3DS but the end of Wiiverse has stopped me playing on it as I can’t think of another way of taking pictures. It ended Nintendo November anyway – I was originally planning on playing Punch-Out! but the pictures I took on my mobile were so bad I knew I couldn’t use them.

So yup, all I want for Christmas is a 3DS that can take screenshots….