27 – Most Epic Scene ever?

I’m not someone whose played a lot of epic stories or has indulged in games with big stories, so I struggled with this question.

Until I remembered an epic scene of my own making….

30 day challenge 27

Me and a friend (the same friend from The Darkness’ session) were playing Halo 3. ‘Playing’ wasn’t the right word..we were struggling through it, bored out of our minds. As the final mission came up, we were tired and cranky…we really wanted the game to end.

If my memory serves me correctly, the final mission of Halo 3 is the old ‘escape from collapsing base’ mission. We had a jeep and a burning bridge. We were struggling with our escape attempt as our concentration had completely gone.

When the mission restarted, I got the Master Chief into the Jeep’s driver seat. As my friend looked to climb onto the back of the jeep, I made a tough decision…I had to leave the Arbiter behind.

In my mind, there were two good reasons to make this decision;

  1. The Master Chief is the hero of the Halo franchise and his survival is paramount.
  2. The idea was hilarious in my head.

As I sped off in the jeep, my friend looked at me confused. “You’ve left me…” His voice was uncertain, until he realised what I was doing. He nodded to me as I sped to the end of the mission, saving humanity and completing the game.

That last sentence was a complete lie. I was laughing so hard, I drove straight off the edge of the bridge, into the fiery abyss. There was an awkward silence as we restarted the mission. I’ve never seen anyone get to a jeep so quickly – the Arbiter sprinted to the jeep and dived into the driver seat…

I apologised but the damage was done…we finished the game with a thick curtain of mistrust separating us. Oddly, as the Master Chief and the Arbiter flew home, only the Arbiter survived….my friend suggested the Master Chief had been stabbed in the back. He was only half-joking….

So yeah, an epic scene of betrayal and stupidity.  I blame myself, the boredom got to me…