28 – Favourite game developer?

Do you even have to ask me?

30 day challenge 28

Yes, Nintendo are more innovative and Sony have dominated the market for 20 years or so…but if you mention gaming to me, I’ll always think Sega first.

I grew up with Sega machines (the Master System and Mega Drive) and though I moved over to Sony when the Mega Drive started to wind down in 1997, the 8-bit and 16-bit Sega consoles made a huge impression on me. Part of that reason was the games Sega made.

I think the reason that Sega games made such an impression on me is simply down to the fact they were immediate and fun. Sega was an arcade developer and I think that carried over into their console games. When reading about Sega on the internet, a few years ago, I heard the term ‘blue skies gaming’ used and I couldn’t agree more. Sega games seem like they are set in a world where it’s always sunny, there’s no stress and you can simply pick up a pad and play.

Games like Crazy Taxi, Outrun and Super Hang On are great examples of this – all racing games, but based around the sheer adrenaline of getting to the next goal, music blaring as the wind hits your face. There’s no unnecessary details, no complicated mechanics to learn. You can simply pick up the game and play it. That’s something I miss in modern gaming – I don’t want an epic tutorial, let me learn how to play the game myself! I love any game that is ‘simple to play but hard to master’ – anything that rewards skill and practice!

I know Sega have made their mistakes over the past 25 years, but I’d miss them if they weren’t around. Their legacy is a great one and I wish we could see more of it. I like what Sega Forever are doing, but there are so many more games they could release. Still, it’s better than nothing I guess.