Recently, Ian from Adventure Rules invited bloggers to a social event, one themed for the month of February. An event for Valentines Day, where the premise was to write a blog post showing your appreciation for a fellow blogger, randomly assigned by Ian. So with no further ado….

My secret valentine’s draw was Teri Mae from Sheikah Plate. I’ll be honest, I was worried when I signed up for this event that I was going to draw someone whose work I didn’t like. For example, I was worried I’d get ‘Can Of Worms – the Worms Blog’ and have to be nice about someone who enjoyed and wrote about every Worms game ever made. I’m joking…but not really.

Luckily, I like Sheikah Plate because I respect Teri Mae’s mission – as outlined here, her site is based around the idea of cooking recipes from Breath Of The Wild, which is an awesome idea. One of the things that interested me in Breath Of The Wild is the cooking system – it really is deep, for a video game. Food can have different benefits beyond health. So to see food inspired by BOTW in real life is pretty interesting – the one that caught my eye was this Salt-Grilled Gourmet Meat. It looks tasty and pretty healthy too. I’m not sure if it will give you the strength to fight Ganon, but I’m sure it will set you on your way!

The other great thing about the recipes is the pictures – they look incredible. I’m told there is a proper way to photograph food and I’d say Teri has got it spot on. The angles are superb and really highlight the detail on the food. Plus, the instructions make sense too – I hate vague instructions, it’s a pet peeve of mine, so it’s good to see clear, direct steps!

I like Teri Mae’s posts on gaming too. This post about flirting in game stores made me laugh, because I can imagine it happening. We’ve all seen the random people who hang around and work in game stores, it’s almost like a sitcom in itself. I also liked this post about criticism – it’s a very mature, positive spin on a subject that inspires a lot of emotion and discussion. I found myself agreeing with the content and I think it’s a wise post that’s worth sharing!

So in showing my appreciation for Sheikah Plate, I’d advise you to take a trip to Teri Mae’s blog, whether you need a suggestion for dinner or some smart gaming discussion. Either way, you can’t go wrong….