We were very kindly nominated for another award by Matt Doyle Media – a cool blog ran by the friendly Mr Doyle himself. I enjoy Matt’s writing, it covers a lot of bases, from wrestling to TV to video games, even interviews and anime. The post that got me following Matt’s writing was a post about about Music 2000, the PS1 music maker that a generation of us wasted our lives on, trying to be like Trent Reznor. No, it didn’t work out for me either….

If you’re nominated for the Blogger Appreciation Award, then you have to write something positive about yourself. I’m always terrible at this sort of thing – I blame being stuck in a corporate environment for ten years when you’re being asked questions like this and what your five year plan is…really you just want to go home, play games and sleep. Still, let’s try and break the cycle and think of something positive.

Something positive about me

Ok…let’s see…I always have my phone to hand, which is useful? I have a great knowledge of pro wrestling? I can do clap press ups? Erm….

I think I have something. My positive quality is I’m trying to improve at everything. Since last March, when I changed a lot of my circumstances, I’ve been trying to improve my life. I aspire to look after myself better, communicate better and work harder at the things that matter. I’m a fan of goal lists and targets and I’m getting better at working towards them. I’m not perfect, far from it…but I’m working hard at getting better at completing them goals. If I could be more consistent, then I can see myself achieving my goals. I’m determined to do it and I get a little better every day.

The fact I’ve just typed the above on a blog page is a big step for me. I’m not the best at being open about my ideas and plans so to put this out there is a sign that I’m making big steps at improving my life.

If you’re not happy with the above, then I can eat a tub of Ben and Jerry’s in about ten minutes. I’d like my chances in an ice cream eating competition….

I’ve got to nominate some other people for this award, so let’s nominate some people who I’ve just become acquainted with.

Gamegato – his name translates to ‘Game Cat’ which is the greatest name for a blog ever. I enjoyed reading this post about F-Zero…my cats don’t write anything like this…lousy cats….

Recollections Of Play – posts about gaming, music…and knitting?

The Codex: Online – best first post ever? I just wanted to write about games because I’m bad at them…nothing about tomes and ancient writings here!

8bitbudgies – anyone who writes about retro Sega stuff is OK in my book…

Strange Girl Gaming – Informative and appreciates Crash Team Racing, so worth a nomination.

No pressure at all if you’re busy/don’t want to!