I’ve finally caught up with WWE’s Elimination Chamber Show. It’s probably the hardest show I’ve had to rate so far as I had a quite a few conflicting thoughts about it…

The women’s Elimination Chamber match has had me questioning myself all day. From the reviews and feedback I’ve seen on Elimination Chamber, people really liked the match…but I wasn’t as impressed with it. The effort was there, but I found myself wanting more from the storytelling. For example, Absolution were made out to be a big threat, but were dealt with fairly quickly. Micky James was eliminated before she could aid her ally Alexa Bliss, which had been the story built up on RAW for the past few weeks. The Sasha Banks/Bayley fall out was OK, but I wanted a more definite split, something that would have a long-lasting consequence (i.e. like Sasha costing Bayley the match). I also groaned when Alexa won – it was fairly predictable. Does anyone kick out of her DDT?

I’ve been debating what score I’d give the match. In the end I’ve decided to go with a 3/5. I don’t think the match is quite a 3.5/5 and I’m not compromising with a 3.25/5 – I’m trying to keep this rating system simple! The post match promo from Alexa was great though…I don’t dislike her, I just think her title reign is a ‘lame duck’ reign until she gets dethroned at Wrestlemania. The question is, who beats Alexa?

No rating issues with The Bar’s win over Titus Worldwide (2.5/5).  This match would be my go to example of a 2.5/5 match – a competent, well-executed match that leaves little impression afterwards. It was a clean decisive win for The Bar, so I’m not sure who they face next…hopefully it’s The Revival.

Asuka’s win over Nia Jax (3/5) was a decent match, but I preferred their NXT clash. My issue with Nia is that, while she dominates the women’s division, she never wins when it matters. That, coupled with Asuka’s streak, meant that the outcome was pretty obvious. I thought this match felt a bit short too, I’d have liked an extra few minutes.

Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt….what to say? I like Matt Hardy’s ‘Woken/Broken’ character but I’ve already resigned myself to WWE not letting the character be as over the top as he was in TNA. I’m not a Bray Wyatt fan either…I don’t really like ‘supernatural’ wrestlers anyway, but Bray’s vague, rambling promos and the fact he loses every feud he’s in mean that I lost interest in him years ago. I loved the Wyatt Family when they were first on the main roster and their battles with The Shield and Daniel Bryan and Kane, but the constant splits, injuries and reformations watered the faction down.

I’ll be honest and admit I was starting to doze off at this point, so all I remember of the match was the entrances, Matt Hardy ducking lots of clotheslines and the finishing Twist of Fate. I’ll go 2.5/5…what I remember seemed OK, if nothing special. The feud itself though…I feel like it’s going to last all year and we’re only in February.

I skipped through the Ronda Rousey contract signing. I try to avoid GM Kurt and heel Triple H/Stephanie where possible plus Ronda seems pretty awkward on the mic. Still, it was a great slam through the table by Ronda, so credit where it’s due.

I really enjoyed the Men’s Elimination Chamber (3.5/5) until the final segment. The feedback I’ve seen didn’t seem too positive, but I enjoyed the action and thought it was fairly rapid. I enjoyed Braun being an unstoppable monster and though Seth Rollins looked pretty good too. It was great to see Braun survive the other wrestlers ganging up on him and having him survive all their finishers made him seem like a star. I was hoping he’d win, to be honest.

However, he didn’t. As soon as it was Reigns and Braun left, I think everyone knew how the match was going to end. Sometimes, the predictable story is the best story, but the story of Reigns going to Wrestlemania to face Brock Lesnar isn’t the story everyone wants. We’ve seen Roman win numerous titles, defeat practically everyone and headline Wrestlemania a few times before. However, Reigns isn’t clicking as the top guy. Whether it’s resentment from Reigns being pushed down everyone’s throat (my reason for being apathetic towards Reigns) or a lack of ability (I don’t mind Reigns, but I think there are more deserving candidates), people aren’t looking forward to Reigns vs Brock…and it’s the main event of the biggest show of the year. If Braun had beaten Reigns and we had Brock vs Braun at ‘Mania, I probably would have rated the match 4/5, as it was a really fun match. However, I can’t go that high when the result is predictable and finishes the event on a low note.

So there we have Elimination Chamber, with an average score of 2.9. Not a bad show, but not a great one either.