RedressI never completed a full career on Be A Legend mode despite always saying I would. Now I need to go back and play through a full career, no matter how long it takes…

If you’ve read this blog before, you’ve probably picked up on my love of the Pro Evolution Soccer series.

I got hooked on the original PES on the PS2 and for the next fifteen years it was the game that I always had to have. I used to suffer an affliction called ‘PES Release Date Fever’ where I would get very jittery and tense around PES’s annual release date. I would be worried about not getting the game on release date and became a nightmare to live with. I’ve actually got some vague memories of getting my then-pregnant wife to drive me to Tesco at midnight so I could buy PES…I’d like to think I’ve made that up, but I have a horrible feeling that really did happen.

Anyway, terrible treatment of loved ones aside, I’ve had some great fun playing PES over the years and I feel like I’ve had my monies worth. I’ve played through the Master League and won it’s various competitions, played the online Master League to death on PES 2011 and had great matches over the years with my mates too. However there is one game mode that I never felt like I finished and that is Be A Legend.

To those unfamiliar with PES, Be A Legend is a career mode where you control one player and take him through his entire career. It was first featured in PES 09 and it blew me away. I loved trying to score goals and make assists, as I always played as a goalkeeper in the real world and never had a chance to do those things. Plus it was fun trying to arrange transfers every summer, looking for the club paying the best wages or seeing whose formation would benefit you the most as a player.

However, Be A Legend is a time-consuming task an d takes a lot of dedication. I did try, but the furthest I’ve ever got was four seasons. It was always something I wanted to go back to, simply because I wanted to know how it ended. Could I take a decent player to the biggest clubs in the world and win lots of honours or would I just be a bitter journeyman, plying my trade in the lower leagues?

I recently traded my handhelds in, as I wasn’t using them. When I checked the second hand shelves while the store assistant was checking the consoles, I saw PES16 and thought ‘Why not?’ I’d planned to tackle Be A Legend at some point for the blog, so why put it off? I’m one of those people in life who tend to put things off – “that’s tomorrow’s problem” is one of my catchphrases.

So I picked up PES 2016 (for a king’s ransom of £3) and headed home. You may be wondering why I chose PES 2016. Well, to me, it’s the last true PES game, before the Konami tried to ape EA and change what PES is about. I’d already given up on PES at PES 2016 (when Konami let me buy it for £50, then gave away the online mode for free), but the demos of PES 2017 and PES 2018 completely turned me away from the franchise. It just felt like Konami was focusing on what made people like FIFA (licenses and online mode) and not what people liked about PES (Master League, gameplay)

So PES 2016 is how I’m going to complete Be A Legend then. Now, I’ve explained all that, let’s meet the player whose career we will be following…

UEFA EURO 2016 / PES 2016_20180311220134

So I’ve called him Redress…bit of an unusual name, but at least he’ll stand out. Also, it kinda fits with his nationality – I made him Welsh as 1) they have a licensed kit 2) it shouldn’t be too hard getting in their national squad. I’m also no fan of the English national team, so it was an easy decision.

I’ve made Redress a striker as it’ll be a good challenge. Central midfield is probably the best position to play in Be A Legend as you’ll always be involved, but I find it too easy. You can score very good ratings by just playing safe passes and keeping possession. I want to see if I can be a vital player to a good team, not a passenger. I’m aiming for at least ten goals a season, as to me a striker should be getting double figures.

So with Redress entered into Be A Legend, it’s time for his first season. Which team will he end up playing for? Will I manage to get ten goals a season?

This redress will take some time (a few years I reckon), but I’m determined to complete it. It was my main motivation for one of my goals this year and I’m planning on seeing it through to the end. Don’t worry – I’m not going to list every game, I’ll probably end up covering a season per post. So, thank you for your patience – I appreciate these long form redresses take time and I’m hoping there will be a pay off, even if it takes some time!