Now I’ve sorted out my password problems (the WordPress equivalent of getting locked out of your house and having to wait until next door get home and can give you the spare set of keys) I can have a look at the goals I’d set myself previously and see how I’m getting on…

Mission Statement

“Keep interacting and blogging about games, but do it more often and better.”


1 – Complete an RPG – I’ve completely neglected this genre over the years…time to put that right!

2 – Start on the list of games that inspired Retro Redress – sure, there are lots of games that I need to complete…but there are some that I have to complete. Games that are legendary all time greats that I’ve never played. Games that are considered the best of all time that I’ve ignored. I consider these games an elite class of game and I need to beat them on my adventures to truly say I made the most of this blog.

3 – Start some sports game careers – I’m obsessed with sports game career modes, a la ‘Be A Legend’ on Pro Evolution Soccer. It’s my dream to beat a few of these and it might satisfy my sports game cravings too! Obviously, these will take some time, but if you want some thing, you will need to work at it…no matter how long it takes.

4 – Finally finish Breath Of The Wild – Because I’ve had it for since launch and I’m like 10 hours in…

In regards to the mission statement, I think I’m doing well. I’ve started redesigning the blog and working on more content. I want to look at more music, wrestling and films as well as writing more recollections and general writing (such as a weekly Top Five column), hopefully you’ll be able to see these soon! Gaming is still my focus though – I’m hoping to write more about games, both for Art of Redress and The Well-Red Mage, hopefully some other places too.

To the goals…1) is on the backburner for the moment, but I plan to have a look at it once I have completed GTA III and Breath Of The Wild. I’ve chosen Shining Force…if the RPG experts out there think that’s a bad choice for an RPG novice, please let me know!

2) is that damn GTA III – I’ll be getting back to that this month. I’ll bring you up to speed in the next few days…

3) has begun with my Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Be A Legend campaign…it might take a long time to complete this goal, but if I can make some good progress in 2018, then hopefully I can complete this goal in the next two years or so..

4) is on my radar – I’m determined to beat Breath Of The Wild this year. Once I complete GTA III, then that’s my next big challenge.

So that’s the goals update…I’d love to have beaten GTA III by the next update, but I’m not holding my breath…