Parts 1,2,3,4 and 5 are here am I getting on with GTA III? Truthfully, I haven’t really played it recently. I’ve been distracted by the blog’s redesign and demoralised by the new game area.

Grand Theft Auto 3_20180311211228

After the euphoria of getting off the first island of GTA III for the first time in 16 years, reality has set in. I’m lost and am struggling. You see, I’ve been driving around Portland for 16 years, so I know it fairly well. I’ve never been to Staunton Island before and it’s completely alien to me. Above is my garage for hiding cars in…it just doesn’t feel right.

Grand Theft Auto 3_20180311211736

I’m off to see Asuka for my first mission in this strange new world. It’s a shocker too – she wants me to go and kill Salvatore. This means finding my way back to Portland, killing Salvatore without getting killed all within a time limit. These are the types of mission that made me stop playing GTA III in the first place and it’s damaging my confidence. Bomb Da Base Part II suddenly feels like a long time ago.

Grand Theft Auto 3_20180311211344

The main problem I have is not knowing how to get back to Portland. Even using this lightening quick car from outside Asuka’s apartment makes no difference. I am completely lost. There is no map either, so finding the the way back is trial and error. I either run out of time getting to Salvatore or get gunned down by the mafia factions I’ve pissed off in Portland instantly.

Grand Theft Auto 3_20180311212814

Worse thing is, after failing the mission, I have to make my way back to Asuka’s apartment to restart the mission. I have no idea where it is…the above screenshot was taken after I took a chance and drove off a bridge, landing in the car park next to her apartment block. Personally, if I’m Asuka, I’m not working with someone who can’t find their way around. I know Sat Nav wasn’t a big thing when GTA III was made, but an ordinance survey map or at least an A-Z Map would have been useful.

Grand Theft Auto 3_20180319211631

Finally, after an hour or so of getting lost, I start to remember the way to the bridge back to Portland – it’s actually quite simple to find. Problem is, I’m typing this a week or so after I last attempted to find it, so I’ve probably forgotten where it is now! I think it’s just drive to the ‘city centre’ area, then take a left but to be honest that could be horribly wrong….

So, in conclusion…I need to get back into GTA III. I can feel it slipping again. I’ve come all this way and don’t want to stop now and end up starting again on the PS6 or whatever console I end up buying GTA III on next. It’s an albatross around my neck – beating it would mean I never have to 1) play GTA III again and 2) I could move on to some other games. My plan for this year is to beat GTA III, then go back to Breath Of The Wild, then move onto an RPG so the sooner I beat GTA III, the sooner I can get through Breath Of The Wild.

That’s my goals anyway…it may take longer than I thought, but I need to stick with it. So, the next few days, I’m going all out…guides, FAQS, videos…I’m going to kill Salvatore and get this redress moving again…