I’ve been in a good mood recently…I’ve managed to shake off the virus that has been bugging me all week, plus I can see this big hot orange ball in the sky. I think people call it ‘the sun’. As I live in the North of England, I’m tempted to take a picture of it, as I might not see it again!

Anyway, today’s Friday Five is…

Five songs that always cheer me up?


#5 – ‘Happy’ – Pharrell Williams

I know nothing about Pharrell Williams. The only other song I know him from is ‘Lapdance’ by N.E.R.D.  However, this song makes me smile every time I hear it. I think because it’s so honest and direct. He’s happy and nothing you can say or do will change that. I find that quite inspiring…plus I enjoy trying to sing along in falsetto while driving.


#4 – ‘You Get What You Give’ – The New Radicals

I’ve always loved this song. I think the reason the song cheers me up is the devil-may-care lyrics. There’s a real air of finality to it (I’m not shocked the band split shortly after this) and it feels like a call to arms, a declaration of war on the soulless, corporate ways of the world. When you’re stuck in a office for ten years, this is the sort of song you need.

Big l

#3 – ‘The Big L’ – Roxette

‘The Big L’ is a great pop song by a great pop band and it’s one that never fails to cheer me up as it’s so upbeat and catchy. However, watching the video is better –  Per Gessle (Roxette’s singer/guitarist) is at peak cool here…long black coat with red stars on, white Gretsch guitar, rock star hair…when I watch the video any negative thoughts are dispelled once I start wondering when I can get a coat like that. I’m not sure I could pull it off. Per’s rock star cool is matching only by his mugging/uncertainty as the video progresses…it cheers me up to know a cool person can look a bit lost, it means it happens to everyone sometimes!


#2 – ‘Sister Havana’ – Urge Overkill 

I’m not sure how I first came across ‘Sister Havana’ but again, it was a song that struck a chord instantly with me. Lead by a driving riff and dripping with swagger, it makes me think of summer every time I hear it. I love ‘Sister Havana’s’ video too – watching the band stagger around Cuba on a crazy holiday suits the song perfectly.

can't hold us

#1 – ‘Can’t Hold Us’ – Macklemore ft Ryan Lewis

‘Can’t Hold Us’ is my go to whether I feel down or need some motivation. I think it’s the marching rhythm and the defiance in the lyrics that lift me. It could be the associated memories though – it was Summer 2013 when I first heard Macklemore. This was a time when I was thinking of getting back into consoles after 18 months out. ‘Can’t Hold Us’ and ‘Thrift Store’ were my soundtrack to wandering around Manchester, pricing up second hand PS3’s and games. The weather was beautiful (for once!) and it’s a real fond memory for me.

Do you have any songs that cheer you up? Let me know in the comments – I’m always looking out for new music….