It’s been a long week…a lack of sleep and a leaky pipe under the bath have been stressing me out and have curtailed the content I had planned for this week. There’s always next week though, right?

Enough of my moaning, today’s Friday Five is…

Five favourite quotes from Dodgeball?


I’m terrible with films, but I love stupid comedy films and I think Dodgeball is one of the best I’ve seen. I love Vince Vaughn in this film – so laid back, regardless of how bad things get. I wish I could be that laid back!

dodgeball 5

#5 – “You had me at blood and semen”

I love this line and have to fight to stop myself using it in real life all the time. If someone asks me to do something they think I don’t want to do, then this line nearly flies out. It’s a funny joke in the film, but it’s also quite touching in a weird way too. Like, it’s gross but it’s a great display of loyalty. I think if someone said it to me, I’d melt….I mean, shake their hand aggressively, because I’m a man….

dodgeball 4

#4 – “Later, dater”

This is a quote that has recently stuck in my head and I have to fight the urge to use it when I say goodbye to my wife (I can’t explain the line to her, she doesn’t get my taste in comedy.) It’s just a little aside from Peter to Justin early in the film, but it’s been in my head all week…I think it’s because it rhymes, truthfully.

dodgeball 3

#3 – “F and A, Cotton, F and A!”

It’s an obscure line from (an unrecognisable) Jason Bateman as colour commentator Pepper Brooks. I love the way way Pepper shouts the line, but I think the joke’s funnier because I only found out what F and A means today. That’s  sixteen years of shouting something in my head without realizing what it actually means!

Dodgebal 2

#2 – “I’m kidding…but not really”

This used to be my favourite quote from Dodgeball and is a quote that still get’s wheeled out today when chatting to my friends. Stiller’s delivery makes it work, plus it’s something you could see someone fairly obnoxious using in real life…wait a minute….

dodgeball 1

#1 – “Joanie loves Chachi!”

I know it’s a silly throw away line (when Walt hits Justin with a dodgeball in the final match, as Justin is making eyes at Amber) but Stiller’s delivery makes me laugh every time. It’s such a snide, yet odd pop culture reference (Joanie Loves Chachi was a shortlived Happy Days spin off from 1982/83) that I can’t help but laugh. I have a feeling that no one else likes this line either, but obscure lines are even funnier to me, like a personal in joke!

Enough of my tired ramblings, I’ll be back with some thoughts on WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble at some point over the next few days. In the meantime, I’d love to hear everyone else’s favourite lines from Dodgeball, see if I’ve missed any!