Hi all

With the first month of Art of Redress down, I’m happy with how things are going. There is still lots of amendments needed to the blog, but I feel like I’m touching most of the bases I need to touch. Yes, that did sound better in my head…

I’ve done the bulk of the changes. I’ve added pages for music, wrestling and films redresses. I’ve amended the about and games pages. I’ve improved the blog header a bit. I’m still not happy with it though.

Let’s have a look at the goals I set in January.

Mission Statement

“Keep interacting and blogging about games, but do it more often and better.”


1 – Complete an RPG – I’ve completely neglected this genre over the years…time to put that right!

2 – Start on the list of games that inspired Retro Redress – sure, there are lots of games that I need to complete…but there are some that I have to complete. Games that are legendary all time greats that I’ve never played. Games that are considered the best of all time that I’ve ignored. I consider these games an elite class of game and I need to beat them on my adventures to truly say I made the most of this blog.

3 – Start some sports game careers – I’m obsessed with sports game career modes, a la ‘Be A Legend’ on Pro Evolution Soccer. It’s my dream to beat a few of these and it might satisfy my sports game cravings too! Obviously, these will take some time, but if you want some thing, you will need to work at it…no matter how long it takes.

4 – Finally finish Breath Of The Wild – Because I’ve had it since release day and I’m like 10 hours in…

Ok, in regards to the Mission Statement, I think I’m going well. I’ve gone beyond games and I’m blogging a lot more. There isn’t a regular schedule (that would be too organised), I just try to post as much as possible. I have a strange belief that all posts should be published at 8:30am or the world will end….does anyone else have a time they stick to, against all reason and sanity?

Goal 1 – I’ll get there one day, I swear! I’ve narrowed the RPG down to two, either Phantasy Star IV (Mega Drive) or Final Fantasy VII (PSN). Final Fantasy VII appeals as it is also one of the games that covers Goal 2, so it would be like killing two birds with one stone. I need some helpful RPG feedback – is Final Fantasy VII a good place for a newbie and is the version in the PSN sale at the moment any good? It’s not the remake, just a PS1 port, right?

Goal 2 relates to that damn GTA III. It’s done it again…I get stuck then stop playing. I’m going to get back into it, don’t worry!

Goal 3 is going OK. I started a player’s career on Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 and I’m near the end of the first season. Only another two years of grinding to go….

Goal 4 is a dream at the moment….one day I will finish that game, I promise. I need to beat GTA III first though, then I can get stuck back into Breath of The Wild.

So there it is for May – I’m doing OK, but need to keep going. I’m going to keep working hard and keep writing. Hopefully, there will be more Well-Red Mage reviews and some other appearances around the internet too…

I don’t say this enough, but thank you all for the comments and support. This blog has come so far in the past year and I appreciate all the help and guidance I’m getting. A year ago today, I was finishing off Heavyweight Champ on the Master System (back when I used to emulate games….shhhh) and wondering what the future would hold. Now, I’m writing about a variety of subjects, for a few different places and couldn’t be more excited about the future. So, thank you and until next time…