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So, with my created player ready to start his career, it’s time to join a team. Who do you think it will be….Barcelona? Real Madrid?

UEFA EURO 2016 _ PES 2016_20180311220243.jpg

Nope, it’s the illustrious BK White in the English 2nd Division. To the unfamiliar, Pro Evolution Soccer has always had problems with licenses with clubs often given strange names and kits to avoid any legal problems for Konami. I could correct all the team names and kits but I’m not going to. Firstly, I’ve wasted years of my life doing this – one of the reasons this blog exists is because I’ve spent so long making kits on this game as opposed to playing classic games like, say, Super Metroid for example. Secondly, this is the world that Redress has been entered into, so I don’t want to tamper with it. Let’s just roll with the game and see what happens, eh? BK White are actually Milton Keynes Dons, who are pretty weak on this game so I should hopefully be able to get into their team…

UEFA EURO 2016 / PES 2016_20180311220658

By should, I mean ‘straight away.’ I make my debut in the first game of the season and promptly get two assists (directly set a goal up) and am awarded Man of The Match. Not a bad start. The rest of the team are hopeless apart from No.7 Carl Baker. He’s not great but he seems to understand the concept of passing and makes some decent runs for my through balls, so he’s my go to guy.

UEFA EURO 2016 _ PES 2016_20180311223226.jpg

My first goal comes shortly after my debut, a nice shot across the keeper into the bottom corner. I’m made up with it – I usually struggle to score in Be A Legend mode. It’s one of the reasons I chose to play up front…I really want to challenge myself and see it I could make it as a striker, I’m aiming for ten goals a season. I tend to be better at setting goals up for my team mates, so I’m hoping I get lots of assists to go along with my goals.

UEFA EURO 2016 _ PES 2016_20180311232058.jpg

The first month of his professional career and Redress is in the team of the month – nice! I’m pleased with this, I know it’s early days but I feel like it validates my decision to take this challenge. I’ve always wanted to play Be A Legend all the way through, but doubted I had the ability and the commitment. Blogging about the challenge will provide the commitment and I feel like this start has shown I have the ability. Glad to see Carl Baker made the Team Of The Month too – he’s been a big part of my early success!

UEFA EURO 2016 / PES 2016_20180311223704

September and October are good months too…naturally, Wales don’t care. I can’t even get on their bench! It’s not like they have a great range of strikers or anything! I’m struggling a bit for goals, but I’m making lots of chances and generally running the show for BK White, along with Carl. There’s a great game against Notts Red (Nottingham Forrest) where Redress sets up the first two goals then scores a ridiculous curling shot into the top corner to give BK White a 3-0 win! I feel like I’m on a roll.

UEFA EURO 2016 / PES 2016_20180316213912

The only thing on a roll however, is my gurney…I’ve somehow picked up an injury. I don’t even remember getting tackled in the game against Notts Red, never mind a bad tackle that would cause an injury. Hopefully it’s just a game or two.

UEFA EURO 2016 / PES 2016_20180316213928

Seven weeks!?! I have absolutely no idea how Redress got injured – maybe he hurt his back carrying the entire BK White team? It’s a long seven weeks out…BK White start slipping down the league and as the winter draws in, are third bottom. I’m rearing to go when I come back.

UEFA EURO 2016 / PES 2016_20180311223728

The problem is, the club aren’t rearing to get my career going again – I’m consigned to the bench for my first few games back. I really struggle to get back into the swing of things too, I’m not scoring or making any chances. What feels like the longest winter ever plays out as BK White and Redress struggle horribly over Christmas and into the New Year. We can’t buy a win and Redress isn’t producing the goods.

UEFA EURO 2016 _ PES 2016_20180422220755.jpg

Still, the fans appreciate my hard work over the winter and decide to bestow me with a nickname. The “Galloping Major?!?” I’m not a horse!!! I kind of get why I might get that nickname, my style of play is to dribble at defenders, looking for a through ball to a team mate or an opportunity for a shot…but “Galloping Major?”It’s not exactly ‘CR7’ is it? Konami are useless with presentation aspects like this, no football fan would ever talk like that. I can’t imagine BK White fans in the pub asking each other with bated breath “Is the Galloping Major in the team today?”

UEFA EURO 2016 / PES 2016_20180422224806

The manager loves me too. S. Bubsy (remember the license issues? Lot of fake managers too) has a 100% approval rating for me and has started picking me for every game as we get to the Spring. I start finding some form too, dragging my goals/assets total from 2/5 to 5/7. To be honest, I’m just pleased to have got through the winter…it felt like we lost a thousand games straight. A goal and an assist in a 2-2 draw over North London (QPR) is the highlight for me, a great individual performance in a game where the BK White defence contrive to throw away the lead in the last minute. I’m starting to think the winter slump wasn’t a form thing…it was a lack of talent thing. I’m getting frustrated at all my team mates at this point, even me and Carl Baker aren’t getting on as well any more.

UEFA EURO 2016 / PES 2016_20180504233005

The end of the season can’t come soon enough…BK White manage a few decent wins, aided by some great Redress performances. There are goals against high flying East Yorkshire (Hull City) and the tricky Yorkshire White (Leeds United) and I’m back on track for my target of ten goals for the season. Alas, a bad miss in the penultimate game of the season leaves me just short of ten goals…however, considering Redress was injured for most of October and November, nine goals and eleven assists in a rubbish team isn’t awful. BK White are able to drag themselves to 20th in the table, which considering the awful run we had over Christmas, isn’t too bad….

UEFA EURO 2016 / PES 2016_20180504233018

So…here is the “Galloping Major” at the end of his first season. 41 games, nine goals and eleven assists isn’t bad for a first season. An average rating of 6.2 (out of 10) sees Redress make the Top Eleven for the English Second Division. I’ve done some thing right – Redress’ stats have rocketed up – look at that overall rating compared to when he started!

However,  I’ve already made a big decision – I need to leave BK White. They’re not going to get any better and will only hold Redress back. I need to find a new club where Redress can grow…I think Redress needs more and better support up front. I reckon if I play at a higher level I can improve Redress’ skills even more…the question is, can I hang at a higher level?

There is only one way to find out…where’s my agent’s phone number? I’d laugh if Redress’ agent actually has Redress listed in his phone as “Galloping Major.” “Hey, Maj…what can I do for you?”

At the moment, Redress’ answer would be simple…”I want to gallop to another club…”