Five Sega franchises I’d love to see return?

Inspired by a few posts I’m working on for The Well-Red Mage, I’ve been thinking about some Sega franchises I’d love to see new games for. Sega’s departure from the console market has seen some franchises die out completely, which is a shame when you think about all the great games Sega released during the eighties and nineties.

I’m convinced that these franchises could return easily to modern day consoles, either in a new 3D style or a retro style. I think the success and appeal of indie gaming has shown that people care more about gameplay than graphics these days and there is a market for games inspired by classic games. So why not bring these games back?

So, without any further ado….


Super hang on

#5 – Super Hang On

There aren’t many bike racing games out there any more, so there is a definite place in the market for an accessible motorcycle game. Super Hang On always fit the bill perfectly – sure, it was always second fiddle to Road Rash, but Super Hang On was a different type of game anyway. It was always intended to be arcade racer, like Outrun, a game you could just pick up and play. Plus, that soundtrack is incredible and is almost enough of a reason for a new Super Hang On by itself…

What do I want to see? – To see Super Hang On get the “Outrun 2” treatment. A big graphical update, rearrangements of the soundtrack, but for the original arcade mode to be kept intact. Well, give us something similar to the Mega Drive’s career mode too – I loved the challenge of trying to complete a whole race without breaking the bike’s frame….



#4 – Golden Axe

An old favorite of Sega fans and rightfully so – there was nothing like this at the time. Nowdays, we have Skyrim, The Witcher etc but back then, Golden Axe was the best way to play a fantasy hack and slash. I’ve written loads about these games at The Well-Red Mage, so I’ve nothing more to add. Other than avoid Golden Axe 2 obviously.

What do I want to see? I’m tempted to say 3D sequel, but I’m not convinced that would work. So maybe a 2D remake of the original Golden Axe? I would take the best features from the sequels (branching paths, spectacular magic, wide range of moves) and make it much harder than it originally was. Think like a 2D Dark Souls…trying to fight through dozens of skeletons with another player would be great…


Crazy Taxi GC

#3 – Crazy Taxi

A personal favorite of mine, I’d love to see a new Crazy Taxi. To me, it’s the epitome of chilled summer gaming and I can’t imagine a more ideal game for the Switch. Crazy Taxi to me is similar to Paperboy and other arcade games of it’s ilk – perfect for a quick go, but tough to master and gain the highest scores

What do I want to see? – Oddly, given everything I’ve said below I want to see Crazy Taxi RPG…hear me out, I’m not crazy (taxi). I have a vision of a open world game where you are a young kid, just moved to the big city and you drive cabs to support yourself. The more fares you get, the happier the Crazy Cab company are and the more work you get. That means you get more money and can get a bigger flat, a pet etc. Eventually you might get poached by a bigger cab company and….I’m rambling now aren’t I?

And yeah, this goes without saying but give The Offspring as much money as they want to provide the soundtrack.


Outrun x

#2 – Outrun

Yeah, I couldn’t leave Outrun off the list. I know it had a sequel around ten years ago…but that was ten years ago. Why hasn’t there been an Outrun 3? Everyone loved Outrun 2 and the arcade machines are still prevalent today. Why not an Outrun 3? Imagine what could be done with the current consoles? Outrun 2 was close to perfection though…

What do I want to see? Build on the success of Outrun 2. Better graphics, better arrangements of the soundtrack. I also want serious online multiplayer – I think it could be almost in the league of Mario Kart if done right. Give us tons of tracks too, because that will extend the life of the game.



#1 – Streets of Rage

I think most people would agree with me on this one – Streets of Rage is a fondly remembered franchise and one that is probably most associated with Sega, after Sonic. What I don’t get about Streets of Rage is, it didn’t fail because of bad games…the second is probably the greatest scrolling beat-em-up of all time, but the first Streets of Rage is still a fine game and even the hard, odd third Streets of Rage game is still good.

The franchise failed because Sega couldn’t make a Streets of Rage 4 they were happy with. As discussed here, Sega had tried to work with Core to make a sequel, which failed (and resulted in the average Fighting Force) and had Ancient make a demo for the Dreamcast.

What do I want to see? A 3D street brawler, but with depth to the combat. Batman Arkham Asylum would be my go to for 3D combat. I’ve always liked the blocking system and the range of moves. I’m sure that could be build on to give a new 3D fighter more moves over a variety of different styles.

That’s my five anyway, let me know if there are any Sega franchises you’d like to see brought back!