Five things I plan to do tonight at Arcade Club?

It’s Friday, so I’m treating myself to a rare night out. I don’t really go out a great deal as I prefer being at home, but I’ve managed to arrange a trip to Arcade Club in Bury with a friend.

As someone who loved arcades as a kid, Arcade Club is like paradise to me – full of arcade machines, pinball machines and even consoles. I’ve been to Arcade Club a few times now and know my way around now – I’m over the ‘run around excitedly playing every arcade machine’ phase. There are five things I’ve planned to do tonight, in no particular order…


#5 – Get some sweets

I know this isn’t gaming related, but it’s worth mentioning. Arcade Club have a great ‘tuck shop’ full of sweets and I’m a big fan of Pix-a-Mix. Plus, if you are gaming for 3 to 4 hours straight, then you’ll need some sugar to combat the inevitable tiredness!


Double Dragon

#4 – Complete Double Dragon

When I go to Arcade Club, I always have a game or two in mind I want to play through. All the machines are set to free play, so I can actually complete some ridiculously hard arcade games without blowing a fortune. I find you have to pick your game wisely though – on my first trip to Arcade Club, I picked Smash TV to play to completion, which took me an hour and a quarter and gave me backache from standing for so long.

Since that initial trip to Arcade Club, I’ve picked much shorter games to complete – I’ve beaten Turtles, Final Fight and Sunset Riders, all which took around 30 – 40 minutes each and didn’t cause me too much physical pain. I really want to complete Double Dragon next, I had it as a kid on the Atari ST and loved it, but could never quite finish it. So I’m hoping that I can beat it tonight and tick it off the gaming ‘to-do list.’


Sega arcade machines

#3  – Play some classic Sega games

I’ve had a real urge to play some classic Sega games recently…I think it’s because everyone has been showing off their collections on Twitter. I’ve really had an urge to play and collect Saturn and Dreamcast games too, which is a first for me as I normally obsess over the Master System and Mega Drive. However, collecting for these systems can be expensive and take up a lot of space, something my wife wouldn’t be happy about!

So, as an alternative to getting shouted at, I’m going to play some classic Sega games at Arcade Club. They’ve got Crazy Taxi and Outrun 2 cabinets, so I’ll definitely play those two. I fancy a game of Virtua Fighter too, so I might hunt that machine out. Arcade Club also have loads of other great Sega arcade machines too – Golden Axe, Wonderboy, Hotrod to name a few – so I’ll have to have a go on them too. I might set myself a challenge and see how many Sega arcade machines I can play in a night!



#2 – Go and see the Modern Arcade floor

As well as a Classic Arcade floor, Arcade Club also have a Modern Arcade floor too. I’ve never been on that floor before, so I need to go explore. It’s where Arcade Club keep their VR machines, pinball machines and gaming PC’s. I’m not the biggest fan of VR (call me a philistine, but I think it’s this console generation’s version of motion controls, a good idea but nowhere near being fully realized) but I always like trying the pinball tables and I’m interested to see what the gaming PC’s are playing.


Spinning piledriver

#1 – Execute at least one Spinning Piledriver on Street Fighter II

I always end up playing Street Fighter II at Arcade Club, usually towards the end of the night when my reflexes are ruined from playing games all night. Even at that stage though, I have to try and pull off a Spinning Piledriver with Zangief. No matter how tired I am and how much my wrists are hurting, I have to attempt it. I think it’s a badge of honour for me – as bad as I am at games, that move is one of the few things I can get right. Once I hit the Spinning Piledriver, it’s usually time to go home, before my hands fall off…

That’s my five, but I love to hear any more suggestions. If anyone has been to Arcade Club, it would be great to hear about your experiences there! Likewise if anyone has any exciting plans for their Friday night!