Hi all,

I’ve now recovered from what I can consider a fairly successful trip to Arcade Club. I achieved four of the five goals I set myself – the only thing I missed out on was hitting a spinning piledriver, but there is always next time…

I’m not doing as well with my goals for 2018 however…let’s look at the list….

Mission Statement

“Keep interacting and blogging about games, but do it more often and better.”


1 – Complete an RPG – I’ve completely neglected this genre over the years…time to put that right!

2 – Start on the list of games that inspired Retro Redress – sure, there are lots of games that I need to complete…but there are some that I have to complete. Games that are legendary all time greats that I’ve never played. Games that are considered the best of all time that I’ve ignored. I consider these games an elite class of game and I need to beat them on my adventures to truly say I made the most of this blog.

3 – Start some sports game careers – I’m obsessed with sports game career modes, a la ‘Be A Legend’ on Pro Evolution Soccer. It’s my dream to beat a few of these and it might satisfy my sports game cravings too! Obviously, these will take some time, but if you want some thing, you will need to work at it…no matter how long it takes.

4 – Finally finish Breath Of The Wild – Because I’ve had it since release day and I’m like 10 hours in

OK, let’s start with the mission statement…I think I slowed down a bit in May, due to a lack of organisation and life getting in the way, but I’m hoping I’m back on track now. I’m looking at moving house over the summer, which I reckon will be stressful, but hopefully it won’t affect Art of Redress too much.

Goal 1 is a tiny bit further along – I’ve bought Final Fantasy VII on PS4 and will start playing at some point, once I get some of the longer games I’m currently playing off my list. I’m looking forward to it too, partly because it’s another game on the list for Goal 2…

Ah, Goal 2…GTA III has slipped me by I’m afraid. I haven’t played it in a month. I’m annoyed with myself because this is what always happens…I get stuck on GTA III, then I stop playing it. Weeks become months, months become years…I need to get back to Liberty City. I’ve promised myself I will beat that damn game and now I’ve got further than I ever have before, I can’t give up.

I’m pleased with Goal 3 though – my Pro Evolution Soccer Be A Legend career is going pretty well so fat. I need to keep going with that..I’m hoping the World Cup will inspire me.

Goal 4 feels the most distant to me at the moment – I really haven’t played Breath Of The Wild for a long, long time. I want to complete it though – I’m not looking for a copy of Breath Of The Wild again in five or ten years!

So I need to step up my game for June and get back to these goals. There’s also a fair bit of wrestling to be watching this month and some tidying of the blog to carry out. I’m going to be quite busy in June, but I’m looking forward to it.

It’s a year to the day I took on World Cup Italia 90 and I think this blog has come a long way since then. I’ve moved on to bigger, tougher challenges and I’m pretty happy with how it’s going. Last summer, I was happy if I could post once a week, now I’m aiming to post most days. I’m still rubbish at World Cup Italia 90 though…it’s a tough game and it’s no fun either….

Anyway,, thanks for reading….it’s time I did some writing now…