5 favourite examples of Japanese Mega Drive box art?’

Having watched Okada vs Omega III yesterday and found myself really looking forward to New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Dominion show at the weekend, I’m thinking Japanese. In my opinion, the best thing from Japan (bar Pocky…it’s like crack) is their Mega Drive artwork.

I just think the Japanese artwork is perfect really. I love the art, the way the artwork covers the entire box and the Japanese font looks incredible. I love seeing people’s collections of Japanese Mega Drive games on Twitter and get extremely jealous…I would love a collection of Japanese Mega Drive games!

Anyway, enough envy….let’s look at my top five.


Altered Beast J

#5 – Altered Beast

Yes, it’s a predictable choice, but I think it looks great. The Japanese font (Kanji?) looks great over the full image on the front and I love the contrast between the action shot on the front cover and the melancholy blue back cover. Compared to the dull PAL Altered Beast cover, this box art is incredible.


Alisia Dragoon J

#4 – Alisia Dragoon

Normally, I prefer darker, moody looking covers, but this Alisia Dragoon case is unique – the light colours really standout among other Mega Drive software. A great game too…I only owned and played it fleetingly. It would definitely be on the redress list if you could get hold of it legally. Alas, rights issues have keep Alisia Dragoon lost to time for twenty five years…


Alien Storm J.jpg

#3 – Alien Storm

Wow, compare this to the PAL cover! I love how busy the Japanese box art for Alien Storm is – it’s basically the heroes from the game blasting a huge alien. When you think about it, it’s the perfect cover. It looks awesome and tells you what the game is about instantly.


Ghouls_'n_Ghosts j.jpg

#2 – Ghouls n’ Ghosts

Wow…just wow. What isn’t to like about this cover? The illustration on the front cover is incredible, featuring Arthur and the boss from the end of Level 1. Again, like Altered Beast there is a great contrast with the back cover, a more serene picture with an amazing drawing of Arthur in his knight’s armor.


Strider J

#1 – Strider

A million times better than the Western boxes…I’ve always loved the black, red and blue colours on the front and the illustrations of the characters are fantastic. It’s a shame the actual sprite in the game doesn’t look anything like this, he’d be much cooler.

That’s my top five…at the moment. There are so many great Japanese Mega Drive covers that my opinion changes all the time. If you’ve got any favourites, I’d love to hear about them!