‘Five faourite characters in one on one fighting games?’

I’ve been watching The New Day vs The Elite Street Fighter V face off from E3 and it’s made me realize two things.

  1. I will watch most things if wrestlers are involved
  2. I love one on one fighting games

I love watching highly skilled players play fighting games and often envy them to be honest. I have my favorite characters who I think I’m OK with, but I wouldn’t say I’m a master of. Maybe that should be a future challenge of mine, picking a character to  master….

Anyway,  idle thoughts aside, here are my favorite five fighters…see if you can spot a theme…


Tina DOA

#5 – Tina Armstrong – (Dead or Alive 4)

I’ve mentioned my various battles with Dead or Alive 4 upon purchase a few times, but once I got into the game, I settled firmly on Tina Armstrong as my favorite character. Lots of wrestling throws, but really quick with it. I was obsessed with the countering on this game and would try to use it all the time, often to no avail. Tina was the best at it though and I even won matches with counters. I want to grab a copy of Dead or Alive 5 at some point, play as Tina again and relive those days of counters and hurricanranas….


Y Soul Calibur

#4 – Yoshimitsu (Soul Calibur)

I really liked Yoshimitsu on Tekken 2 (the option to stab yourself with a sword is amusing) but it’s my recent trips to Arcade Club that have reintroduced me to the  samurai. He’s a big part of my battles on Soul Calibur and I love the way he fights. I find Yoshimitsu to be very fluid and easy to control, which in the heat of battle, is very important. Plus he’s a crazy, time travelling samurai…what more could you want?


Creative Christmas Day 10 B

#3 – Zangief (Street Fighter II)

Zangief is my boy on Street Fighter II – I usually always pick the wrestling character on a fighting game, but I like his moves too. The spinning lariat and spinning piledriver are great moves and if used correctly, they can take out most opponents. I have a theory about the spinning piledriver though – it can only be hit once per match. Whether it’s just my awful reflexes or a feature build into the game, I can not hit the spinning piledriver more than once, despite my best efforts,  Despite that, I enjoy Zangief’s style on SFII – namely getting in close and pummeling the opponent. I use the bite and the back drop lots too, try and overwhelm the opponent.


Wolf V5

#2 Wolf Hawkfield (Virtua Fighter 5)

I’ve mentioned it before but I love Virtua Fighter 5’s Quest Mode, touring arcades and working my way up the ranks. Wolf was perfect to play as due to his vast range of moves making it impossible to get bored of him. I learned loads of his moves and was obsessed with trying to use them against the computer. I’d be made up whenever I could sneak a German Suplex or a Double Arm Suplex in. My brain can only hold so much information unfortunately, so I could only memorize a few moves at a time. Hence me often pausing the game to try and trying to remember moves as I went along. Still, I did well with Wolf before other things distracted me….Virtua Fighter 5 is definitely a game I need to return to.


Garou freeman

#1 Freeman (Garou: Mark Of The Wolves)

One of my favorite video game characters ever, Freeman is the reason I got into Garou. His character design is brilliant – he’s a slender, lurching creature dressed up as a late 90’s mosher. I love that his moves are named after heavy metal references (‘Creeping Death’, ‘Morbid Angel’) and are fairly simple to execute. Reading on the internet, it sounds like Freeman isn’t much good as a character. I always fared OK with him, but I need to try and play the other characters to get better at Garou. Still, Freeman always reminds me of sneaking to the arcade in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester and trying to fit a few games of Garou in, during my lunch breaks or on the way home from work…very fond memories….

So that’s my favorite fighting game characters, what are yours?