Hello everyone

Another month is upon us and I’m feeling pretty laid back. I guess it’s the warm weather, I’m feeling pretty relaxed at the moment.

I think it’s also because I took a week off from my goals. I know that’s a strange thing to type but that’s the best way I can describe it. I live a pretty structured life generally – I wake up early to exercise, get everyone ready for the day then head off to work. After work, I sort tea out, get everyone ready for bed then sneak in some gaming/blogging/wrestling before getting to bed myself.

However this week, my mind took me in a different direction. I find that sometimes, you have to go with your cravings, to try and get them out of your system. So I went along with them. I relaxed the exercise and my ‘healthy’ eating. I left the backlog of games, films, wrestling (I missed the WWE UK Tournament completely) and music behind to work on a project I’d wanted to do for a while – a custom American league on Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. I find it really relaxing to design kits and sort out squads, so it was fun just to lose myself for a week.

The question did come up…was I fed up of Art of Redress? Was this week a reaction to the blog? I was worried that my mind had simply given up on my mission, but I was reassured by my actions. The editing on Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 wasn’t idle folly, I wanted to build something I could play next time my mind felt like it needed a break from the blog.

Furthermore, I’d taken some steps to improve Art of Redress. One of the pressing issues for me had been keeping track of the backlog. I sometimes mention a redress list, but I don’t actually have one…everything is kept in my head. So, during the times I couldn’t access the PS4 (my wife watches Love Island every night) I started drafting the redress list. The outcome is I’ve got a fair few games to play over the next few years. I want to make the most out of the formats I own (PS4, Wii U and old laptop) and with the potential of a new purchase (an Xbox One intrigues me, just for exclusives and 360 games) I’ll be playing through this generation for some time. I’ll definitely be writing video game redresses and Well-Red Mage reviews for many years anyway!

My plan is to eventually add all the films, albums and wrestling matches I’ve missed to the list. Now I’ve been tracking what I need to cover, I feel happier. I feel like there is a goal and I’ve got something to head towards. It’s a long trip, but at least the Sat Nav is plugged in….

Normally, I look at my goals for the year, but I’ll be honest again, I haven’t really done any of them, bar writing for another site.  The next two months are going to be awkward too – I’ve got a holiday, a house move and the New Japan G1 Climax tournament to watch. The G1 Climax is something I need to complete a redress on as I always flake out and never finish the tournament. So I’m going to focus on getting through the start of the G1 Climax (it runs into August, finishing just before my week holiday) and try and complete what I can around it.

I’ll do my best, it’s a big challenge. However, I think my week off really inspired me and I’m looking forward to writing for Art of Redress. It’s time to dive back into that backlog again…