I’m feeling the effects of four straight nights of wrestling now…I’m shattered! Thankfully, the G1 Climax takes a break now until Thursday. Let’s look at Night 7 and wrap up the first third (sorta) of the tournament…

Michael Elgin vs Yoshi-Hashi was a good match that built to a satisfying conclusion; namely Yoshi-Hashi getting his first win. I think they could have gone further into the tournament with the ‘losing streak’ story though and I’m surprised Elgin is the guy who finally lost to Yoshi-Hashi. 3.5/5 for me, but I have a feeling that I’m going to be less interested in Yoshi-Hashi’s matches going forward….

Bad Luck Fale vs Evil…where to start? This match had some good moments and I liked how Evil was able to control Fale and stay ahead  of the numbers name initially, but the outside interference at the end gave us another poor DQ finish. Isn’t the whole point of interference to help an ally win? Tonga’s Gun Stun on Evil in front of the referee was silly – the referee had just restarted the match, Fale could still have won! 2.5/5 and that’s being generous….

Jay White vs Minoru Suzuki was the villain vs villain match I hoped it would be (3.5/5) with Jay White finally meeting someone more evil than he is. This match illustrated my love of the Switchblade character – in my head the story is that young lion Jay White goes on excursion and realises that bad guys get further in wrestling. So he invents the Switchblade persona and copies what he’s seen the likes of A J Styles, Kenny Omega and Prince Devitt do. White is like a super villian in training, this is year one for him and while he’s been great this G1, it was right for him to lose to Minoru Suzuki, who is more much experienced. The crowd were into Suzuki getting hold of White and giving him the thrashing he deserved…the facial expressions from both wrestlers were excellent. My match of the night, though it could have done with being a bit longer.

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Hangman Page was a strange one for me – I really enjoyed the action, but did anyone else feel the flow of the match was a bit off? I feel like the match had been chopped up and sliced back together in a different order, though I’m willing to blame tiredness for this. This was a fun match with good crowd interaction and some back and forth wrestling till Tana got the win,…but it was a bit unfocused in the middle and towards the end. I’ll go 3.5./5 here

Togi Makabe vs Kazuchika Okada was a decent match, if a bit slow in spots. I’m not going to complain too much – my eyes were closing at this point due to tiredness so I’m probably not the best person to comment! There were some good counters and brawling in this one and the right person won in my eyes so I can’t complain. Another 3.5/5

Overall – A solid night of wrestling, if not essential viewing. Overall rating is 3.30/5.00, I’d say watch White vs Suzuki if you watch anything from this night of the G1….