I hate to say it…but I’m getting G1 fatigue. I’ve hit a point where I’m getting a bit jaded of watching the same twenty wrestlers compete. As great as some of the wrestling  has been, it’s still a lot of wrestling to take in.

What I need is for Night 11 to inspire me, to give me some great matches that will bring back my appetite for wrestling….

Togi Makabe vs Bad Luck Fale wasn’t a good start (2/5) I wasn’t expecting much and wasn’t surprised. The match itself was an uninspired, by-the-numbers brawl but it was the interference that irritated me. It’s just the same thing over and over again, I’m getting fed up of it. It makes every match involving Fale and Tama Tonga predictable and it makes the referees look silly too. as they aren’t clocking on to the constant violations of the rules.

Conversely, I really enjoyed Jay White vs Hangman Page (3.5/5) I liked their match  at Strong Style Evolved and though this was another slow, methodical match with a great story (White working over Page’s back). I don’t mind this style of match when there is a story and a point to it and I thought this match made Page out to be a brave, never say die face who the crowd were supporting despite struggling in the tournament. I was surprised that Page didn’t win here, but I’m guessing that Okada vs Tanahashi and White vs Evil on the last A Block night will be deciders.

Minoru Suzuki vs Evil was just there for me (3/5) Having watched Evil for four matches now, I think his matches are all very similar and some of his big moves perplex me. The move where he puts a chair around his opponents head then hits that chair with another chair kills my suspension of disbelief – especially if the opponent holds the chair in place for thirty seconds like Suzuki did here. I don’t like the move where Evil catches an opponent’s kick and passes the opponent’s foot to the referee either, I don’t think it suits him . However, this match was decent if a bit slow in places. Suzuki is at his best with opponents who understand his type of match (strikes and submissions) and Evil was happy to trade some strikes. To Evil’s credit too, the last few minutes of his matches are often full of big counters and finisher attempts which I like…I just wish he would spread them out during the match!

Yoshi-Hashi vs Hiroshi Tanahashi was another decent match that didn’t quite get to the next gear (3/5). Maybe it’s just me, but I thought both men looked tired and injured tonight, so fair play on what was a good effort. I don’t think Tanahashi’s roll up pin for the finish helped this match either – it didn’t look great and felt anti-climatic, especially after what was developing into a hot finishing stretch. Another two minutes and a definitive finish and I think I would have rated this one higher.

Kazuchika Okada vs Michael Elgin really got my attention near the finish and I felt rewarded for watching the match. (3.5/5) I really liked the end – the match had me guessing who would win and until Okada hit the final Rainmaker, I wasn’t sure if Elgin was going to come back or not. I did enjoy the rest of the match too, it was a good showing for both men, though I never thought it hit the heights it could.

Overall – I did enjoy Night 11, though I can’t say it blew me away. I’d recommend White vs Page and Okada vs Elgin if you need to skip through the card. Overall rating is 3.00/5.00, not one of the stronger nights of the tournament….I may have to wait until the B Block returns on Wednesday to get my wrestling appetite back.