It’s far too hot isn’t it?

I can’t blame the weather for the lateness of this post though – I’ve been distracted lately. A failed house move, new stuff at work, sore shoulder, far too much Japanese wrestling, junk food, late nights…I’ve slipped into a lot of bad habits again.

I’m looking to turn it around again though. I’m back on the exercise, healthy eating and early nights again…the G1 Climax ends on Sunday so hopefully, I can get back to my usual level of blogging and catching up all the games, films and music that I need to catch up on.

That said…I’m leaving the goals for another month. I’m on holiday in a week or two so I won’t be able to focus properly on those big goals. This month, I just want to get back in the swing of things. Start looking after myself, get organised, do some house keeping on the blog (that placeholder logo has been there for four months now!) and start working through the huge Redress spreadsheet I’ve made (but not finished!)

I’m thinking of August as being like a preseason…lots of practice and preparation for September, when I get back to taking on those goals again…