Hey all,

It’s been pretty quiet around here, huh? Sorry I haven’t been around lately, just had a bit of a busy month…life has got in the way of me catching up on all those films, games, wrestling matches and albums.

I’ve spent a lot of time dealing with a failed house move and it’s been pretty stressful. Whether it’s the jumping through hoops or dealing with disappointment of unpacking and planning the future, it’s time-consuming. I’m happy we’re staying put though, we’ve got some really good ideas on how to re-decorate and improve our current house and I’m looking forward to getting work on that. Every cloud has a silver lining I guess.

I’ve also been away on holiday. Unlike last year’s holiday, where I tried to post about loads of Sega games with no internet access, I didn’t even try this year. I decided just to take a break from everything and chill out. It’s a break that was extended to September, just so I could sort a few things out…a new telly, a new phone and moving some things about the house.

That’s why I missed Summerslam and Takeover: Brooklyn IV – I just wanted to make sure the house was in order and all the little jobs had been done before getting back to the blog.  I’m terrible at going back to catch up on things (hence the existence of this blog!) and I know that, if I went back to watch those shows, then I would be playing catch up forever. I was disappointed that I’d missed a show, but I think I’m doing well with my attempts to keep up on all this year’s wrestling.

Plus I probably needed a break anyway after the G1 Climax…I don’t think I’ve ever watched that much wrestling in my life in such a short space of time!

I think the break has done me good to be honest – I’m raring to get on with the blog again. So, let’s check those goals…

Mission Statement

“Keep interacting and blogging about games, but do it more often and better.”


1 – Complete an RPG – I’ve completely neglected this genre over the years…time to put that right!

2 – Start on the list of games that inspired Retro Redress – sure, there are lots of games that I need to complete…but there are some that I have to complete. Games that are legendary all time greats that I’ve never played. Games that are considered the best of all time that I’ve ignored. I consider these games an elite class of game and I need to beat them on my adventures to truly say I made the most of this blog.

3 – Start some sports game careers – I’m obsessed with sports game career modes, a la ‘Be A Legend’ on Pro Evolution Soccer. It’s my dream to beat a few of these and it might satisfy my sports game cravings too! Obviously, these will take some time, but if you want some thing, you will need to work at it…no matter how long it takes.

4 – Finally finish Breath Of The Wild – Because I’ve had it since release day and I’m like 10 hours in

Maybe I set myself too much of a challenge, but I’m determined to stick with it. I need to get back to GTA III in particular – that game is the bane of my life. I can’t explain it…I do like GTA III, but I just stop playing it. Every time without fail.

So, please do join me as I look to tackle these goals and catch up on all the outstanding items on my redress list…it’s an actual list now and it’s huge. So big it takes up four tabs on a spreadsheet and I can’t work out how to add percentages to it….

My estimate is I will need to write this blog until 2114 to complete this blog…any more attempted house moves and it may take longer….

It’s time to get back on it again….