RedressI heard a song by Eve 6 twenty years ago that I absolutely loved, yet I never took the time to check out any of their albums. It’s time to have a listen…

Back in the 90’s, it was difficult to hear new bands especially if you didn’t have SKY. There was no internet around so you could read about new bands and certainly no Youtube to watch music videos on. My main way of hearing about new bands was through the pages of Kerrang!!! or Metal Hammer.

I discovered loads of bands this way and used to pour through Kerrang!!! every week. The only thing better than reading about new bands was hearing new bands on the free CD’s that we’d get every four months or so. I could probably tell you my favourite songs off each Kerrang!!! sampler CD, I played them that often. However there was a band I’d forgotten about, until someone recently jogged my memory.

Metal Hammer.jpg

I really liked Eve 6’s song off the Metal Hammer CD I picked up and did plan to pick up the album, but never got round to it. Even worse, I had completely forgotten about Eve 6 for twenty years until I saw their name again.

Luckily we now live in the age of music streaming, so I can catch up with Eve 6’s album straight away. It was their debut album and probably their best known.

The Songs

I wasn’t keen on opener How Much Longer at first. I thought the vocals were too low in the mix and the verses reminded me a bit of Kids in America oddly. However on repeat plays, it’s really grown on me. It’s a really noisy upbeat song that reminds me of classic Green Day. and a good start to the album 3.5/5

Inside Out is the best known song on this album and yet it’s probably one of my least favourite songs off Eve 6. There is nothing wrong with the song, I just can’t take to it. I think it might be due to the chorus, which seems really wordy. I recognise the chorus every time I hear it, it’s not a case that I could mistake it for another track on the album – I just can’t remember the words to it! I’d go 2.5/5 here and blame my own lack of memory for not being able to enjoy this track. To be fair to me, I can’t really remember the rest of Inside Out after listening to it.

Leech also kinda drifts by, but unlike Inside Out, it has a great chorus hook that has lodged itself in my head…like a leech, I guess. The rest of Leech is pleasant, but again I can’t say I’d remember it once I stop listening to the album. I prefer it to Inside Out though 3/5 

Showerhead is where the album started to pick up for me. I loved the opening riff and like the way it reoccurs during the song, getting heavier as the song progresses. There’s another great chorus here too that just about dodges my ‘wordy’ criteria. 3.5/5

Open Road Song is the song I loved all those years ago and my first thought once I was reminded about Eve 6. Has it aged well over the past twenty years? Absolutely. It’s not a complicated song truthfully, all power chords and loud guitars, but it’s got an energy that still stands out to me. Vocalist Max Collins is the star here – the urgency in his voice drives this song forward. I love the lyrics too, all plays on words at a frantic speed. Add in a fantastic lead guitar break and you have the best song on the album and a bit of a forgotten classic 4.5/5

Jesus Nitelite is probably the darkest song on the album. Opening with palm muted guitars, it’s a real contrast to the rest of the album’s energetic pop-punk. While the rest of the album comes at you quickly, Jesus Nitelite builds up gradually to a heavy outro and ends in a wail of feedback. At 4:47, it’s the longest song on the album but at no point does it feel like a drag. I really enjoyed it – I like albums to have some variety so Jesus Nitelite is a welcome break. A 4/5 for a fine song and one that benefits the album in terms of it’s placement on the album.

Superhero Girl is a simple pop punk song that’s well placed on the album – after the previous three songs, it’s a nice comedown. Again, it’s nothing complicated but it has a cool chorus hook and a big riff that cleans the palette after a few slower, more serious songs 3/5

Tongue Tied is another simple, heavy track that’s decent, but after Superhero Girl it feels a bit redundant. The problem is, it does the same thing as Superhero Girl but isn’t as good. The chorus isn’t as catchy and it lacks the big riff of Superhero Girl. I would argue it’s a toss up between Tongue Tied and Inside Out as to which is my least favourite song on the album 2.5/5

I like the opening bounce of Saturday Night, it breaks up the straight up speed of the last two songs. The bounce gives away to a superb bitter chorus (There is something up my sleeve/There is nothing in between) that is a pleasant surprise and another interesting change in mood for this album. 3.5/5

There’s A Face is a decent, chilled out song, but it doesn’t really grab me due to it’s placement on the album. It’s a decent bridge to album closer Small Town Trip, but it sounds too similar to Small Town Trip’s verses for me to really stand out by itself. In fact, it’s better to listen to in isolation…maybe it should have been in a different spot on the album? 3/5

Small Town Trip is a really good way to close the album as it has all the hallmarks of what makes Eve 6 a good album. The distinctive, almost country sounding major key riff that opens the song makes Small Town Trap stand out and it leads nicely to the big chorus. A good finish to a good album 3.5/5

Verdict – Overall, I scored Eve 6 3.31/5.00, which is a pretty good rating. I’ve really enjoyed listening to this album over the past few days and really wished I’d picked it up twenty years ago.  If I can make a lazy comparison, this album reminds me of a cross between Green Day and Everclear and I’m a fan of both those bands. I definitely recommend this album to ant one who hasn’t heard it before either, especially fans of pop punk and alternative rock.