Art of Redress

Looking to remedy my mistakes via blogging…


Hi all

Firstly, let me introduce myself properly – I’m Gary, the guy who writes this blog and is responsible for this foolishness.

In short, this blog was originally set up (as Retro Redress) so I had a way of writing about going back and playing all the old video games I’d never finished or missed out on. However, after a really fun year playing old games and blogging about them, I realized that I needed to expand my horizons. There were lots of new games that I was in danger of missing out on. It wasn’t just old Sega games I needed to play – there were classic games of other genres and on other systems that I needed to try.

I also realized that there were other things I was missing out on, beside video games. I always claimed to be a huge wrestling fan, but there were so many great matches I’d not seen. I love music, but how many albums had I skipped through or ignored? Films…I always liked films, but I always ignored them, justifying that by telling myself I didn’t have the time to watch them. It was time to change that and Retro Redress had inspired me to do that.

So, I changed the site from Retro Redress to Art of Redress. I still have the same mission – to go back and experience things I’ve missed out on – but now there is a wider field of things to experience. There is no excuses any more, I’m dedicated to trying all the things I missed out on and championing the things I think everyone else slept on.

So, the term redress…it’s not the most immediate word, is it? I wasn’t sure about using the word ‘redress’ when I set this blog up, but now it makes perfect sense. Here’s the dictionary definition;

‘remedy or set right (an undesirable or unfair situation)’

I think that definition sums up what this blog is aiming to do perfectly. I know I’ve missed out on many great things and I want to put that right by going back and looking at all of them. This blog is what makes me accountable – by recording everything here, I know that I have set myself a goal and have a responsibility to complete that goal.

So, that’s Art of Redress then. One man working his way through a legion of video games, wrestling matches, films and albums to try and catch up on the things I’ve missed, good and bad. The only question remaining now is “are you a bad enough dude to read these ramblings?”