Art of Redress

Looking to remedy my mistakes via blogging…


If you think I’m bad at missing out on great games, wrestling and music, then wait till you see what I’m like with films.

I may be the worst film watcher in the world. Bar a period in the mid 2000’s when I used to go to the cinema, I’m completely out of touch with films. I have no idea what’s on the cinema, no idea what actors are in what film and no clue on what films are coming out.

The aim of the blog is to expand my horizons via going back and trying the things I’ve missed out on. Films will be a big challenge for me – I’ve missed out on a lot of films and I struggle to dedicate time to watching films. Still, I want to try as I feel like I’m missing out by now watching more films.

Here is the list of films redresses…please don’t be horrified by the list of films I’ve missed out on, there are some obvious films there!

Film Redresses

#1 – Chokeslam (2016)

#2 – Rampage (2018)

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