Art of Redress

Looking to remedy my mistakes via blogging…


I’ve always considered myself a pretty big fan of music but I’ve definitely got musical regrets. I’m terrible for skipping tracks if I get bored and I’m not great at giving albums a chance. That’s why this section exists – there are so many albums that I’ve either ignored or not given a proper chance too. Deep down, for all my passion when it comes to music, I know I can’t consider myself a true music fan given how many classic albums I’ve missed out on.

Plus, there are lots of albums I think don’t get enough love, so I want to use Art of Redress to convince people to listen to them. If I can inspire someone to try a band or an album they hadn’t thought of before, then that would feel like a big achievement for me – one of the best things about music is sharing it with others!

Musical Redresses

#1 – Nirvana – Nevermind

#2 – Rage Against The Machine – Evil Empire




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