Art of Redress

Looking to remedy my mistakes via blogging…


I’ve been a huge wrestling fan since 1992 and it’s something I’ve always loved, despite not always having SKY TV and/or having the time to watch it.

This means that I’ve missed many great matches over the years…  there are so many classic matches that I haven’t seen. There is also matches I need to watch again, to see if they stand the test of time or matches that I’ve seen and loved and want to champion to other people.

I use a rating system for wrestling matches. just a simple ‘score from 0 – 5’ system. It’s certainly not gospel, more just an opinion formed while watching the match.

Wrestling Redress List

#1 – Bret Hart vs Ric Flair (12/10/92)


I’ve also started writing some thoughts about current wrestling too. Mainly, because I spent so much so time watching current wrestling that it seems a shame not to document it, but also because I don’t want to miss any wrestling in 2018…otherwise it means that I’ll have to go back and watch it!

I use the same scoring system for matches when reviewing shows. However, I like to give the show an overall score by adding the match scores up then dividing them by the number of matches. Again, it’s not gospel – I just do it for curiosity and to see how the show stacked up.


Wrestle Kingdom 12/New Year’s Dash

NXT Takeover: Philadelphia

WWE Royal Rumble 2018

New Japan Honor Rising

WWE Elimination Chamber

New Japan Anniversary Show

WWE Fastlane

New Japan Strong Style Evolved

New Japan Sakura Genesis

NXT Takeover: New Orleans

WWE Wrestlemania 34

WWE Greatest Royal Rumble

New Japan Wrestling Donaku 2018

WWE Backlash

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